BLW Online Trading products review – a SCAM by Cristian Argueta

In this review we explain how Cristina Argueta is one of the fake reviewers who help scammers to get new victims.

BLW Online Trading testWe have reviewed well over one thousand financial scams and we often get asked about different trading systems, while people point us to other reviews that claim that they are profitable.

The unfortunate truth is that the internet is plagued by fake review websites and fake reviewers on Youtube. You see, scammers often rely on third party promoting to get victims for their scams. They pay other people to promote their fraud. Who are these people willing to sell their souls? Enter…

Cristian Argueta is a scammer

ScamsArgueta runs a Youtube channel called BLW Online Trading. He sells some trading systems that he allegedly created himself, like 2 Minutes Strategy and BLW Turbo Signal Alert, but he also heavily promotes third party products like BinBot Pro, Btrade Signals Pro, FX Coin Bot, Calloway Crypto System or Crypto Master Bot.

Let’s make one point clear, all the products mentioned above are scams. We have reviewed the majority of them and real people confirmed us that they lost money with them.

Not that Argueta is not a real person, he is, although he probably uses a fake name, but he fakes his reviews. Everything is easy to fake, you can easily make a losing system look like profitable. Every system will now and then have a winning streak, and you can choose what you publish. Or you can run a manipulated software with fake results that are not from live trading.

Cristian Argueta is a scammerYou can buy likes, you can buy members of social media groups, you can buy views, you can buy anything and make your project look like genuine. But BLW Online Trading is a huge scam, while Cristian Argueta is a professional scammer.

Just have a quick look at his videos, should all the systems he promotes and sells perform like he says, he would be a millionaire in no time. He of course would not bother with Youtube videos, he would be rich and enjoying his free time.

Anytime you hear anybody say that their system can double your account within a day or that they could sell you their trading system for much more than they do, just run away! By the way, these are just two giveaways that show that Argueta is a scammer.


BLW Online Trading is a big scam run by Cristian Argueta who is a professional scammer. Stay away from him and everything he promotes and sells!

Forget about cheap or free trading systems that would make you rich, they don’t exist. In financial trading the majority of people fail, only a minority manages to make money. And these successful people don’t give away their trading strategies to anybody.

You can try trading for yourself on a demo account to see how it works. You have to create a sound strategy and understand the risks of real trading before potentially investing real money.

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