BORING SCAM: Algo Trading Robot review

algo-trading-robotIn this review of Algo Trading Robot we prove that it is a scam. It is designed to abuse binary options and make you lose money.

Algo Trading Robot has an anonymous presentation in which you can hear that it has a 88.7 % winning ration. It allegedly has had only one losing day so far.

Algo Tradingtr Robot has been allegedly developed by a professor from Oxford University. And guess what, only free money is attractive, so you can get access to this robot for free.

Algo Trading Robot Scam

Let’s put it straight, the story about Algo Trading Robot is pure fiction. It is a binary options scam that will not make you money, in fact it will lose the deposit you will be forced to make.


presenterAfter you sign up for the program, you will be shown a few photos of alleged real users.

These photos are stolen and scammers did not even bother to make up some names, they just present you with some fake stories about earnings.

The man presenting the program is a paid actor.

The software

algo-trading-robot-softwareAs Algo Trading Robot doesn’t show much, so we had a look at the software to see how it really performs.

But there was no need to do any further tests, because what we saw was an app known to be developed by scammers. It is used by several binary options scams.

Look at the picture on the right, you’ll see that the same app is used for example by the Stockbit scam.

How it really works – the truth

depositThe Algo Trading Robot software confirmed that it is a simple scam that works like this: After you sign up you will have to deposit at least $250 with a broker that will be forced upon you, you’ll have no choice.

This is because scammers are affiliated with this broker and they get paid for referring new depositors to this broker. This is why you won’t be allowed to use the app until you deposit.

Scammers need you to discover that you were scammed only after you deposit and start trading, so that they earn their affiliate commission.


Algo Trading Robot is a disgusting scam that abuses binary options to make you lose money that you will have to deposit. So stay away from it!

If you are interested in seeing how you can really make money with binary options, try a free demo where you can test and learn risk free.

It takes time, but you can learn how to trade profitably a and then start investing real money for real profits.

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