BORING SCAM: Crypto VIP Club review

Crypto VIP Club officialIn this review you will find proofs that Crypto VIP Club is a scam that is designed to lose your cash. It is presented by Andrew King.

Crypto VIP Club is supposed to be an automated trading solution for cryptocurrencies. The software allegedly can generate you $17,000 in profits per week, which means almost $70,000 per month.

And wait, there are more miracles, you can get Crypto VIP Club for free! But it is not a good idea…

Crypto VIP Club scam

The truth is that Crypto VIP Club is a scam that was made to take your money and lose it. It won’t earn you a single cent.

Andrew King

Scammer Andrew KingThe story of the alleged creator of the Crypto VIP Club Andrew King is pure fiction. The same or similar story is being told by a lot of investment scams.

Look at our picture and you will see that the photo of Andrew King shown in the video is in fact a stock photo that anybody can get. This man has nothing to do with cryptocurrency trading.

Fake reviews and results

Trading results make no senseIn the Crypto VIP Club video you will see testimonials made with paid actors, these people are not real users of the system. They are just saying what they got paid for, they help scammers to get new victims.

On the website you will also see alleged live trading results of Crypto VIP Club members. But again, everything is fake. Not only it shows crypto pairs that are not offered by any broker, but it also shows a BTC/BTC pair that is a total nonsense.

You cannot trade a currency against itself, because the value of such a pair would always be 1. Currencies are traded in pairs, where you have to have two different currencies, which creates the difference in value.

This is another proof that Crypto VIP Club is a scam.

How it really works

If you sign up for Crypto VIP Club, you will be immediately redirected to a deposit page of the 72 Option broker, which is not regulated.

This is the real aim of this program, to make you deposit money with their friendly and shady broker, so that scammers get paid their affiliate commission. If you do it, they will get their money and their software will lose your deposit. That’s all.


Crypto VIP Club is an ordinary scam made to lose your money with a shady broker, so stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in cryptocurrency trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker to see how it works.

Don’t start trading with real money until you have your strategy ready, you must be familiar with all the risks involved in trading.

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