BORING SCAM: Oil & Gold Stocks system review

In this Oil & Gold Stocks review we examine this system that is supposed to trade for your and make you money.

Oil & Gold Stocks reviewThe Oil & Gold Stocks system was designed to trade oil and gold shares. It allegedly has a 99.8% accuracy, so it can make you $300 to $500 per day.

The software is free, so can you really get a residual income for free?

Oil & Gold Stocks system scam

Oil & Gold Stocks testimonialsUnfortunately no, the Oil & Gold Stocks system won’t earn you anything, because it is a scam. Nobody will be making you free money every day, you should know this.

Oil & Gold Stocks is in fact just another clone of a scam that we have seen and reviewed many times. Scammers randomly chose an investment product and make up a story around it, they claim that their software can make you a lot of money in that particular field of investments.

Check our picture on the right to see a few examples of other scams of this type: AI Stock Profits, Gaming Stock Profits and Golden Profit. They all are the same, the tell the same BS story, just the name and underlying assets change.

How it works

The Oil & Gold Stocks system was made to separate you from your money. When you sign up for it, you will be told that in order to start earning money you have to deposit at least $250 with a certain broker, in our case it was Capital Seven.

This broker will be dubious and unregulated, as Capital Seven is. If you send them your money, that will be it, you will never get it back. They will make up all sort of reasons for you to deposit more, but they will never let you withdraw anything, your deposit will be lost.

Oil & Gold Stocks system review conclusion

Oil & Gold Stocks is a scam that only wants your money, it won’t earn you anything, stay away from it!

If you want to try to make money in financial trading, try it first on a free demo with a regulated broker.

See on the demo if you are able to learn to trade profitably, then you can decide what to do next.

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