BORING SCAM: Simple Auto Trading review

Simple Auto Trading reviewIn this review you will find proofs showing that Simple Auto Trading is a scam that abuses binary options.

Simple Auto Trading is a binary options software that can trade for you automatically. It allegedly has an 83% win rate, so it should make you some money pretty fast.

And Simple Auto Trading is free, so can you make money with it for free? Of course not…

Simple Auto Trading scam

The software robotThis trading program is just a scam that will make money to scammers and lose yours. You cannot expect anything else, when somebody promises you free earnings.

We examined the Simple Auto Trading software and certainly has not an 83% win rate. We know this app very well, because it has been used by lots of binary options scams. Look at the picture to see some examples, Option Robot, Binary Tradeo or Automated Financial Markets are all scams based on this exact same robot. And they all are losing money of real users.

The most repulsive thing about this software is that it has a demo that fakes results. It uses fake prices to generate a lot of profits that would never happen in real trading. But if you are not experienced enough to uncover this dirty trick, you might get persuaded that it is a profitable robot.

If you then open a real account and let the Simple Auto Trading software trade with your money, you will lose it and never get it back.

The truth

The principle of all these binary options scams is very simple. Scammers who run them get paid by some brokers for referring new depositing traders. So if you open an a trading account through their software and deposit money, scammers will get paid an affiliate commission. This is what they are after.

This is why they use all those lies and the fake demo to make you believe that their software is profitable, while in reality it is a piece of crap.


Simple Auto Trading is dirty scam that will try to fool you with a fake demo. But in trading with real money it is losing!

If you want to really make money in trading, you will have to learn everything that is needed and build yourself a sound strategy. You can do that on a free demo account.

Forget about automated apps that are supposed to make you money in trading, they are all scams!

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