Brokers that you should avoid according to AMF

AMFThe French regulator AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) regularly updates a list of binary options brokers that are offering binary options in France without the necessary license. In fact, this is a pretty good guide for everybody who is interested in trading binary options.

Why? Because the lists includes unregulated brokers in the first place. And as we often recommend, it is better to trade with regulated binary options brokers only.

It has two main reasons. The first is that if you run into problems with your broker, you can always ask the regulator for help. It is an independent state body that can intervene in cause of a fraudulent activity.

The second reason is that your money is insured with regulated companies. It means that if your broker closes doors or runs away with your money, you will not lose it. You will be paid from a compensation fund, so you don’t risk anything.

So a look at the AMF list can always be helpful when you want to evaluate a binary options broker. Regulation is not everything, but it is certainly a good starting point when you look for a reliable and reputable company to trade with. AMF regularly publishes an updated list.