BRUTAL SCAM: HK Online Investment review

In this review we expose a brutal scam called HK Online Investment, beware.

HK Online InvestmentHK Online Investment Limited is presented as a cryptocurrency investment company that can make you money.

Currently it has three investment plans with returns up to 1.2% daily. Plus, the company claims that it is guaranteed that you won’t lose money thanks to its fund of one billion dollars. Is it true?

HK Online Investment scam

Unfortunately, HK Online Investment is just an online scam like many others. It was made to enrich people who run it, that is its sole purpose.

Illegal service

SFC licenseFirst of all, since HK Online Investment claims to be located in Hong Kong, it has to be licensed by the local regulator, which is the SFC. If you offer investment services, you have to have a license.

But, as you can see on our picture, HK Online Investment is not authorized by the SFC. Therefore, it is an illegal investment service with no protection.

Fake guarantee

Fake guaranteeWith scams there certainly are no guarantees. Well, maybe except the one that you will lose money. HK Online Investment certainly has not a billion dollars at its disposal.

The document about the guarantee is fake, it means nothing for people who will invest money with this scam. When this scheme collapses, they won’t get anything back.

Fake partners

HK Online Investment scamHK Online Investment claims to be associated with HSBC, Perfect Money, Blockchain, Bitcoin and CR. It is not true.

None of these companies/project endorses this investment scam, that’s a fact.

Impossible returns

Last but not least, you don’t really need to go deep with HK Online Investment to see that it is a scam. Because one or more percent per day in returns on investment is just an impossible thing with a legitimate company and business.

Nobody can do this sustainably and long term, therefore we have the confirmation in this review that HK Online Investment is a scam.

It probably works as a Ponzi scheme that might you some of the money from deposits to pay first profits, but if it hasn’t collapsed yet, it will soon.


HK Online Investment is a brutal scam, which has only one guarantee, you will lose money if you invest with it. Stay away!

If you want to try genuine investing, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Learn how everything works, prepare a strategy and understand the risks before eventually investing real money.

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  1. Brazil also has turned a nest of scammers, at least more than 12 proved scam companies are under police target a d investigation-

  2. Good Morning, probably you haven’t heard about previously known with two other names, she (not so sure, she presented herself as Angela and her Instagram is billionaire investors) she’s still acting a d phishing people all over the globe, for sure doesn’t work alone, her fiancē is along, have pics if you want- Thank You

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