BRUTAL SCAM: Push Button System review

This Push Button System proves that this system of Jay Brown is a scam that you have to avoid.

Push Button System reviewBrown says that he created a money generating system that is based on affiliate marketing. He called it the Push Button System, because earning money with it allegedly is just a matter of a few clicks.

He says that he has done everything for you and that you can earn up to $5,000 within 24 hours. Is it real?

Push Button System scam

No, the Push Button System offering is not real, it is a scam and Jay Brown is a scammer.

Jay Brown scammer

Jay Brown scammerJay Brown is not the creator of the Push Button System, he is just a scammer. More precisely, it is an actor who is willing to play in scams, we have seen him several times doing just this.

For example he acted as the creator of the Maximus Cryptobot, as you can see on our picture. This guy acting as a creator of anything is a guarantee of scam.

Push Button System testimonials

Push Button testimonialsIn the video shown by Brown you will see people claiming that they have made a lot of money with the Push Button System, but their testimonials are fake.

Like Brown, all these people are paid actors who are willing to say anything for money, including supporting scams.

Fake earnings

The Push Button System video is also full of fake earning statements. If making money was as easy as doing a few clicks, nobody would be working.

Also, ask yourself why would Brown sell a system that has made him rich instead of using it to get even richer? It of course makes no sense at all.

Money can be made in affiliate marketing, but it takes a lot of effort, you have to get visitors to your website(s) or pay money for ads. It takes a lot of testing and learning to see what works, there certainly is not a ready-made system that could make you thousands of dollars within the first days.

Brown is just a liar and the Push Button System is a scam.

Push Button System review conclusion

The Push Button System is a scam, Jay Brown is a knowns scammer, he has not created anything, stay away from him and his product.

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