BRUTAL SCAM: ZikHash review

ZikHashRead this article to understand why you absolutely should not invest any money with Zik Hash.

ZikHash is presented as a platform for cloud cryptocurrency mining. This service allegedly mines ten cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, ether and zcash being some of them.

The calculator on the website shows that you allegedly can earn 1.8% per day on your investment, 54.54% per month and 663.63% per year. Is it real?

ZikHash scam

Mining plan is unrealNo, the offer of ZikHash is not real, because it is a scam. This is not a cloud cryptocurrency mining service, in fact, they don’t do any mining at all.

It is obvious just by looking at the numbers, currently there is no way of making 54% per month in mining, it is impossible because of the ration between mining costs and crypto prices.

Currently, crypto mining is barely profitable, so anybody who is offering tens of percent per month from mining is a scammer.

A true mining company will have a price list where you can see how much you have to pay for a certain mining power and there will be no promise of daily earning, because crypto price and mining difficulty are changing over time, so it is impossible to plan profits.

Plus, a true mining company will show you proofs that it really has hardware at its disposal so you can see that you are renting some true hash power.

ZikHash has noting, no hardware, it does no mining, it’s just a simple scam. It very probably works as a Ponzi scheme, it just plays around with deposits until the system fails and money disappears. It is an illegal financial game.


Stay away from ZikHash, because it is a scam that has nothing to do with real crypto mining!

It is almost impossible to make money in mining nowadays, but you can try crypto trading instead. Start on a free demo to see how it works.

Should you decide to trade with real money, be sure to first understand the risks.

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