CATASTROPHIC SCAM: Brexit Trader review

This BrexitTrader review will provide you with proofs that this investment program is a scam.

Brexit Trader reviewBrexit Trader is supposed to about making money on Brexit, which means capitalizing on the fact that the United Kingdom is going to leave the European Union.

The presentation of Brexit Trader says that bitcoin will rise in value thanks to Brexit, so all you have to do is to buy it and get rich. Does it sound too good to be true? There is a reason for that.

Brexit Trader scam

It is not true that the value of bitcoin is tied to Brexit. In fact, bitcoin value doesn’t seem to be tied to anything, as the last three years have shown.

Bitcoin is internet money that is not connected to any specific country. It is possible that it might rise during Brexit, but it also can go down, nobody knows for sure.

Anybody saying that bitcoin will certainly do any kind of movement in the future is a scammer, because nobody knows for sure.

This makes Brexit Trader a scam, it promises easy money and claims things that nobody can know. But there is more.

Brexit Trader testimonials

Brexit Trader testimonialOn the website of the program you will find six testimonials from people who have made important money with Brexit Trader.

But these Brexit Trader reviews are fake, you can see the proof on our picture. Scammers have stolen photos from all over the internet and made up stories of successful users, but they don’t exist. This is very typical for investment scams.

How it works

Markets.OnlineThe BrexitTrader scam was designed to steal your money. They want you to believe that you can easily become rich with them, just to make you deposit money with an unregulated broker they have partnered with.

When we registered for the Brexit Trader in order to test, we were immediately asked to deposit with Markets.Online, which an unregulated broker. If you deposit money with this broker, it won’t be protected and you can be sure that scammers from the Brexit Trader will make sure that you lose it quickly.

Brexit Trader review conclusion

The Brexit Trader is a scam that has only one aim in mind, make you lose money with an unlicensed broker. Stay away from it!

If you want to try cryptocurrency trading, start with virtual money on a free demo account with a regulated broker. Learn and practice to see if you are able to put up a profitable strategy.

Forget about free money making trading systems, they all are scams.

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  1. I have a trading experience with few binary companies. Some of them are regulated, some of them not.

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