Certified Income scam alert

Certified IncomeToday we are going to review a new binary options scam called “Certified Income”, it is presented by Anthony Cahill.

Cahill tells a long story about how he learned trading binary options thanks to a manager of a hedge fund that trades binary options. He says that he was broker but then he was able to make 10 million dollars in one year.

Later he lost all his money, but with the help of an ex-Lehman Brothers guy he programmed his trading system and he supposedly needs you to improve it. It should be available to only 27 people.

Certified Income scam

It is really funny, how scammers begin their presentation by pointing their fingers at others and saying everybody else are scammers. Cahill is supposedly the only honest one with his Certified Income, but the opposite is true, he is just one of the many binary options scammers.

It starts with his false counter o remaining free places, just reload the page and the counter will be full again. It goes on with paid actors that provide false testimonials. Not to mention his fake account statements with big sums of money. The last proof of Certified Income being a scam is their affiliate program, they pay affiliates to bring new people to their system, which is supposedly free. How is it possible? Well, it is very simple, they are using the usual binary options scam scheme.

It works like this: Cahill his affiliated with binary options brokers, so he will get paid for every new trader he refers to his brokers. That is his jobs, this is what earns him money, so he needs to persuade to go and open a trading account with his broker and deposit money into it. What happens next doesn’t really bother him.

So if you do it and deposit money, his system will trade your account and lose your money. Yes, your money, forget about his statement about his money, he won’t give you anything. You might receive a deposit bonus from his broker, but you won’t be able to withdraw it, so you will lose your money.


Binary options are a wonderful trading tool that is easy to understand. However to build a profitable trading strategy is not that easy, you need to spend a lot of time and effort on that. But it is the only way to binary options profits. Everybody promising you free money on binary options are just scammers working with the above described scheme. This is the truth.

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