CERTIFIED SCAM: Lexington Code – review

In this review of the Lexington Code we prove that this program is a scam of Michael Lexington.

Lexington claims that his binary options trading software is making between $500 and $5000 per day. It allegedly is used by private brokers. The Lexington Program will allegedly be sold for $3500, but now you can get it for free as a beta tester.

So that’s it, money is free and you can get rich for free, right? Not really…

Lexington Code scam

The Lexington Code story is of course a big lie and Michael Lexington is a scam artist. And his colleague Barry Storyk too.

In fact these guys are paid actors, they know nothing about real binary options trading.

We only needed to hear from Storyk that the software has not had a single losing trade since they started testing it months ago. It is impossible, as real traders we know it for sure.

Also do you think that a software that makes up to $5000 per day would cost $3,500 for a lifetime licence? Certainly not, it would cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

But let’s show you some more tangible proofs that the Lexington Code is a scam.

Fake certification

At the beginning of the video Lexington says that Lexington Code has been verified and certified by an independent third party. But it is a lie.

There is no third party that verified the results. The certificate is such a poor fake that it made us laugh.

Look at the picture, you will see that it contains the classic dummy text “Lorem Ipsum”, even the seal contains it! No trace of a real authority…


All the testimonials you can see on the Lexington Code website are fake. Videos were made with paid actors, while stock photos have been used for the text reviews.

Look at the image to see a proof. The picture of this alleged user of the system is a stock photo.

Scam software

We tested the Lexington Code software to see what scammers are using this time. What we have seen is a very well-known app offered by scammers only. It is used by a lot of scams.

Look the picture to see a few examples of scams using this exact same software, like Prove My Profits, WikiTrader and OneTouch.

This app is losing money in trading with real money, we know this from real users!

How the Lexington Code really works

So why do scammers bother with such a story? Because you can earn them money if you deposit money with the broker they are associated with. So if you sign up for the Lexington Code, they will force you to deposit at least $250 with their broker.

And then their software will trade your account and lose your money. Simple as that.


The Lexington Code is a pretty ordinary scam made to make you deposit and lose money with a broker that you won’t be allowed to choose, so stay away from it!

The only way to make money with binary options is to learn to trade, you have to build a profitable strategy. You can try and do it on a free demo account.

Forget about free money making binary options systems, they are all scams!

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3 thoughts on “CERTIFIED SCAM: Lexington Code – review

  1. The internet ist full of scam reviews of „LUCROSA“ and lexingtoncode IS LUCROSA.
    On their homepage lexingtoncode.online/Lexingtonsoftware you will see this when you go on the „contact us“ button. Their contact mail is support@lucrosa.co

    And it’s a shame that “trusted” youtube channels are also playing this game…
    It’s interesting that all the lexington-code-brokers are located in bulgaria and the most of the youtubers that are recomending and “testing” this scam, also are located in bulgaria or at least have this eus-europe-englisch accent.

    By the way: US Government Required Disclaimer | Terms of Service | Risk Disclaimer | Privacy Policy are all not available on the lexington-code website

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