CHEAP SCAM: IO Software review

IO Software reviewThis review proves that IO Software is a scam that abuses binary options. It is presented by Oliver Breitner.

Breitner says that he will give you access to his binary options trading system that allegedly can make you $540,000 per month. He claims to be making millionaires from people he does not even know.

And he is willing to give you his IO Software for free, so that you become a millionaire for free. Is it even possible? No, because…

IO Software is a scam

The reality is that IO Software will not only not make you a single dollar, it will lose your own money! How it is possible? Because it is not free, we’ll explain that later.

IO Software is probably one of the most recycled scams. Scammers use this same video again and again, meanwhile they just change the name of the webpage.

So we have already seen Breitner acting in Insured Trading and Insured Outcome scams. And we have also even seen this same guy playing the role of Richard Royce in the Royce Code.

As you can see, this man is a well-known scam artist, so you can be sure that when he is presenting a binary options trading program, it is a scam. Testimonials and reviews of his programs are always fake.

How it really works

The real purpose of all binary options scams is always the same, to make money to scammers and lose yours. It works like this: after registering for IO Software you will be forced to deposit money with an unregulated broker that pays scammers for referring new depositors.

The software won’t be activated until you deposit. If you let the software trade with your own money, you will lose it and you will never see it again.


IO Software is a recycled scam that will make you deposit and lose money with a scam software. Stay away from it!

If you want to learn how to make money with binary options, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You have to build yourself a proper and profitable trading strategy, only then you can switch to trading with real money for real profits.

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