Cheap scam review: Globe Traders

Globe Traders web siteIn this review we prove that “Globe Traders” is a binary options scam. It is presented by George Porter.

Porter claims to be the CEO of Globe Traders, which allegedly is a registered and licensed investment company. And because of a new regulation Globe Traders need 39 new clients.

According to Porter you could be making between $863 and $8615 per day if you become one of his clients free of charge.

Globe Traders is filthy scam

Scammers usually do tell stories to convince their victims, but Globe Traders made up really serious BS. A new regulation that requires investment companies to have at least 300 clients? Nonsense. And even if it was true, would they be giving away for free thousands of dollars per day? Certainly not. But let’s see some proofs.

Globe Traders company

According to Porter Globe Traders is a registered and licensed investment company. So why don’t they provide any contact and license information? Where are they regulated? Nowhere. We made a research and such a company simply does not exist, it is pure fiction.

Fake trading

Trading resultsAfter signing up you will get the opportunity to try trading with Globe Traders with a real $50 deposit, at least that’s what Porter says. But this is again BS, look at the picture on the right.

This is not how real trading looks like. On the chart you don’t even see which asset is it or what is the price. And the $50? Pure fiction again, because after you complete the registration, you’ll be taken to a deposit page where you will see that your balance is $0. You can also see it on the picture of the Globe Traders app below.

Globe Traders software

Globe Traders softwareThe final proof that we are dealing with a scam comes with the trading software. It is exactly the same app as used by Alive In 5 or Binary Interceptor scams for example.

Scammers only change colours and logos, otherwise it is the same piece of software that is losing money to its users, look at the picture.

The truth

The reality behind Globe Traders is that these scammers are getting paid for referring new depositors to their partner broker. So the only purpose of their program is to make you deposit, because this is how they make money.

If you then trade your account with the Globe Traders software, you will lose money, end of story.


Globe Traders is a scam that is using binary options to take money away from you. So don’t fall into that trap.

If you want to see how money can really be made in binary options trading, try a free demo. It takes learning and testing before you can make profits in trading.

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  1. Yep me to $50.00 disappeared after signing up … the page changed to credit card details… i bounced out of there knowing it was looking dodgy. 5 min later they were calling me. So lesson learned dont give over all your details

  2. Account vanished in less than 16 hours using their auto trading system, do not use them at all if you do not want to lose money

    1. any they never gave the fifty dollars bonus they promised in their promo, stay away from them

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