CHEESY SCAM: Crypto Signals X review

Crypto Signals X official webIn this review we prove that Crypto Signals X is a scam that you should not buy. It is presented by Mr. X.

Mr. X claims that he busted a hidden loophole in crypto trading that has been generating incredible wealth. He also says that this allowed him to make more than a million dollars last years.

Now he wants to provide you with his trading signals that are supposed to make you up to several thousands of dollars per day. And they cost only $37. Like really?

Crypto Signals X scam

We’ll start with an appeal to use commons sense. A guy who has a massively profitable strategy that has made him a millionaire in one year needs to sell his signals for $37 and promote his product with spam? Does it make any sense to you?

It shouldn’t, because millionaires don’t sell their secrets for $37.

Illegal investment advice

Our usual note is that when you sell trading signals, you are selling investment advice, which is a regulated activity that you need a licence for in most countries, certainly in the US that Mr. X is using as his selling base.

But Crypto Signals X is an unlicensed and therefore illegal investment advice service.

Fake awards

Fake awardsThe most tangible proof that Crypto Signals X is a scam is the fake awards shown on the website of the service.

They say it is the nr. 1 crypto service, an award-winning solution and the best signals. The problem is that Crypto Signals X has not won anything, all these awards and badges are fake.

How it really works

BinanceMr. X will make money by selling his crap. Not everybody will ask for a refund, and that will be his earnings.

Plus, it seems he will be pushing you to trade with your money on one particular exchange, Binance, which as a referral program, so he is probably also making money by pushing people to deposit and trade on this exchange.


Crypto Signals X is a scam, it shows fake awards, it is an illegal service and it is a nonsense. Stay away from it!

Profits in crypto trading come with your own learning, testing a and building a solid strategy. If you want to try it, start on a free demo so that you don’t risk anything.

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