CLASSIC SCAM: BTC Summit review

BTC Summit websiteThis review shows that BTC Summit is not a mining project, but a scam.

BTC Summit is supposed to be a program that lets you invest into crypto mining and reap the rewards.

Currently there are four investment plans with returns up to 7% per day, which means 110% net per month. Can you really double your money every month with this program?

BTC Summit scam

Fake investment plansNo, you cannot double your money every month with BTC Summit, because it is a scam. It is just impossible to make 110% net per month in crypto mining. That’s a fact that means that anybody promising you such returns from mining is a scammer, there is no other way.

These profits are impossible in mining not only now because of current prices, but they were impossible also in the past when crypto prices were higher.

Illegal company

Not authorizedBTC Summit show a company registration in the UK, but you have to realize that this is only a tax registration that almost anybody can get.

The thing you need to provide this kind of services is a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority, but BTC Summit doesn’t have it.

It means that BTC Summit is operating illegally.

How it works

BTC Summit is a classic Ponzi scheme. There is no real business activity going on, just a redistribution of money that was deposited by clients. As you can guess, such a scheme always collapses very quickly, and that’s what’s going to happen with BTC Summit too.


BTC Summit is an ordinary scam, a Ponzi scheme that will collapse soon. Stay away from it!

Cloud mining is not profitable nowadays. You can try to make money in trading cryptocurrencies. If you are interested, try it on a free demo first.

Trading requires understanding of the risks and a good strategy to achieve profits, so act accordingly.

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