CLASSIC SCAM: InvestEarnFX review

InvestEarnFx official webRead this review to see why you should not invest any money with Investearnfx.

InvestEarnFX is supposed to be a crypto trading and consulting agency that specializes in stock trading, bitcoin mining, investment brokerage and other activities.

The company offers three investment plans with returns ranging between 24% and 93% net daily. This means almost doubling your money every day. Really?

InvestEarnFX scam

Investment plans are unrealThe simple truth is that no legit business on Earth can double your money every day. Numbers displayed by InvestEarnFX simply means that you are dealing with a scam.

Scams that promise such high earning either just collect money and don’t pay at all, or they pay some money at the beginning, but they use new deposits for that purpose.

In any case a collapse and loss of money are absolutely inevitable. InvestEarnFX and similar scams are illegal financial games that always end badly.

Fake company

No real companyInvestEarnFX claims to be a company registered in the UK, but it is not true. The certificate shown on the website is blank.

And there is no company of this name registered with the Companies House nor the Financial Conduct Authority.

InvestEarnFX is simply a scam from the beginning to the end.


InvestEarnFX is a dirty scam that will take and keep your money, you will get nothing in return. Stay away from it!

If you want to make money in crypto or other asset trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker to see what it takes to achieve profits.

Remember that financial trading always carries risks, so be careful if you decide to switch to real money.