CLASSIC SCAM: SmartBotPro – review

smart-bot-proWe came across another clone of a basic scam robot, this time it is called Smart Bot Pro.

The SmartBotPro website doesn’t make any claims about the income you will achieve with this robot, nevertheless it is still very dangerous.

It promises 100 % automated trading and as we know this software is losing money. So once you let it trade your binary options account, your money will quickly disappear.

Smart Bot Pro scam

The biggest danger of Smart Bot Pro is the software itself. It is a white label solution that anybody can buy.

smartbotpro softwareLook at the picture, you can see that the same app is used for example by iRobot, Option Robot or Gold Binary Robot. Scammers change colours and sometimes rearrange the layout, but it is the exact same software.

And in our previous reviews of this app we have proved that it fakes demo results. It changes the outcome of losing trades to wins, so it makes you believe that it really works. But it doesn’t!

When you start using SmartBotPro on a real account, results can no longer be faked, so you will see losses erasing your deposit.

The truth

So why do scammers bother with buying, rebranding a losing binary options robot and giving it away for free? It is very simple. They are affiliated with some binary options brokers and will get paid for every new trader they can refer. But the trader has to trade with real money in order to earn an affiliate commission to the scammers.

So they need you to believe that their robot will make you tons of money. Then you will sign up through their software with their broker, deposit money and trade. But then you will see that Smart Bot Pro will lose your deposit very quickly. End of story, you will never see your money again.


The conclusion of this Smart Bot Pro review is very simple: it is a cloned scam, the software is not working and will lose your money if you use it.

Binary options are very easy to understand and trade, but to really make money you need a proper strategy that you can create on a free demo account.

Always check any robot, strategy or signals on an independent demo with a regulated broker. And don’t trust anybody who promises you free money making robots!

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4 thoughts on “CLASSIC SCAM: SmartBotPro – review

  1. I thought these people were a dream come true at first.

    So I trust them with $250 USD.

    I went out for the the day and came back to find I had $18 left in my account.

    It’s either a really bad service or it’s a scam.

    1. Yes, a scam – we do learn the hard way sometimes, BE WARNED!

      I actually researched this ‘option’ and found they had a green light with a third-party website; I obviously didn’t dig deep enough…probably typical of the enthusiasm and ignorance abound with such venturing.

      Anyway, I deposited my U$250/A$350 (a very easy, simple process) and went straight for auto trading…and lost money. So I tried doing it myself and got up to U$300, but then it kept dropping and I smelt a rat.

      Decided to pull out – that was when the fun started: not possible without providing photographic evidence of ID, credit card details, and a utility bill. Are you kidding, I’d be wiped clean if I submitted that level of personal information?! Then, I had the ‘sickly’ nice, oh so caring, email from an account manager who claimed to be ‘reaching out’ to me…sure, reaching out for more money.

      Well, after ‘ping-pong’ emails going nowhere, I looked deeper into the web and found this site – alas, I’ve been dum again 🙁 So, if I can stop at least one person from experiencing my fate, my A$350 would have been well spent.

      Be warned, please!

  2. Yes nothing about smartbotpro whatsoever every person told me it was a scam I smitten by demo mode should not be allowed £250 deposit every £20 trade looses £160 balance £70 in Stockpair account can do nothing with all running around with I told you so loosing me a lot of money its a con and reputable Stockpair being accessories to such crime they stole it my £250 stolen by Stockpair using smartbotpro don’t think for one second that you have got away with it.

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