CLEAR SCAM: 1K in 1Day review

1K in 1Day official websiteIn this review you will learn that 1K in 1Day is a binary options scam. It is presented by John Becker.

Becker says that with his partner from Goldman Sachs they created an automated trading software with a 99.8% accuracy that is generating $1,000 per day to every user, which means $365,000 per year.

This program is called 1K in 1Day and Becker says that now you can get it for free. Is it true?

1K in 1Day scam

Impossible win ratioThe sad truth is that Becker is a scammer and 1K in 1Day is a scam. In fact, Becker is a fictitious person made up by scammers up run this program.

We have been trading for more than 11 years and we know for sure that it is impossible to achieve a 99.8% win ratio in trading. Anybody who promises such a win ratio must be a scammer, there is no other way.

Fake reviews

Testimonials are not trueThere are several tangible proofs that 1K in 1Day is a scam. For example testimonials presented on the program’s web page. They are all fake, made with paid actors.

Take a look at our picture and you will see that this woman is selling fake testimonials for just 5 dollars on Fiverr. Anybody can hire her and we have seen her endorsing many binary options scams.

Losing software

Fake trading robotWe also tested the 1K in One Day trading software that is supposed to make you $30K per month. What we found is a well-known losing software that is used by many scams.

Check our picture and you will see a few examples of other scams that are based on the same app: Crypto Wealth, Bitcoin Wealth and Global Investment Satellite.

This software is widespread, so we get a lot of feedback about it. And real users confirm that this app that is used by 1K in 1Day is losing money in trading!

The truth

Now let us explain how 1K in 1Day really works. After registering you will be pushed to deposit money with an unregulated broker called MaxCFD. You will have to deposit at least $250, otherwise the trading software won’t be activated.

The reason is that people who run 1K in 1Day are getting paid by the broker for every new depositor they refer. This is how they earn money. This is also why they need you to deposit before you can discover that their software is a piece of crap that loses money.


1K in 1Day is a simple scam that will make you lose money with an unregulated broker and a crappy software. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in trading, you will have to learn and build your own profitable strategy. You can try and do that on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Don’t trust any free money making robots, they all are scams.

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