CLEAR SCAM: Crypto Prophecy Control Panel review

Crypto Prophecy official webIn this review we show why you should not buy the Crypto Prophecy Control Panel.

The Crypto Prophecy Control Panel is supposed to be a tool that will tell you when and which cryptocurrencies to trade. This allegedly will help you to make profits in hundreds or even thousands of percent.

The solution costs $37 and with this kind of gains it would be capable of making you a millionaire very quickly. Really?

Crypto Prophecy scam

Crypto Prophecy unfortunately is what we call crypto hindsight guru scam. Let us explain. Cryptocurrencies made massive gains last year, that’s a fact. And they made big losses this year. That’s another fact.

But the hindsight gurus omit this year’s losses and show you charts from last year only. And they say that if you bought back then, you would now be… The thing is that they are commenting historical charts and claiming they can make the right calls in the future. But it is not true.

Should they know how to become a millionaire in a few months, they would not be selling their strategy for $37 on the internet, trust us.

Anybody can add a transactionCommenting historical charts on, like the Crypto Prophecy video does, is an useless exercise that anybody can do.

Showing you fake trades is also a thing that anybody can do. In the Crypto Prophecy video you can see an app that allows manual addition of transactions, which means that you can add fictitious trades. It is not a trading app, it is not showing real trading results. Check our picture.

Illegal investment advice

Illegal investment adviceThe Crypto Prophecy Control Panel is a product that will advise you which cryptocurrencies to buy. This is clear investment advice that the seller needs a licence for.

The Crypto Prophecy Control Panel is product sold by a company called Champ Entertainment. We have not found any information about any licence associated with this company, therefore we have to assume that it has no authorization to provide investment advice.

If you read their disclaimer, you will learn that they don’t promise anything, that they don’t provide investment advice etc. So why they make a video suggesting that their trading signals can make you rich? Because it’s a scam.


Crypto Prophecy is an obvious scam, don’t believe that a $37 tool will make you a crypto millionaire.

If you want to make money with cryptocurrencies, you will have to make your own calls based on your own research. Nobody knows what will happen, but with a good analysis you can make trades that will have the probability on your side. You can practice it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Stay away from unlicensed investment tools like Crypto Prophecy.

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5 thoughts on “CLEAR SCAM: Crypto Prophecy Control Panel review

  1. You can explain it until you are blue in the face. I do thank you for bring the law the our attention on this. It can open doors to discussion. Is Crypto currencies a legal tender recognized by the USA Treasury Dept? Technically it’s not trading $s. Besides,
    As I mentioned before, Crypto Prophecy is not anyone “what or how” to trade. I’ll be damned if you are trying to say they person can not have enough experiences and can not learn enough information in a new field to start having open discussions and teaching of a brand new potential market and change to the whole world? Son licensed Money, stock market, brokers can talk about it? Don’t tread on me! You must be a licensed Stock broker. Do one is giving stock advice or telling anyone what to trade or buy or sell or anything!

    1. The problem is when you pretend to know how to make money in trading, while in reality you don’t and you just try to make money off of people who trust you.

    2. I am really sorry for that last statement/post. I really feel stupid. I was in a rush and I did not proofread what I wrote. That really has some bad grammar. It was just a matter of not proof-reading what I wrote.

  2. John, If you are going to say something so negative, You better back it up. I’ll bet you have never gone to her training. She is coming up with new tools also. Yes she is showing the past, and present. Crypto GIrl never claims She is an expert, She never claims to now the future. In her training I am noticing that there isn’t that many US citizens that understand Crypto Currencies. Okay, now tell me. Who taught you on Crypto Currencies? There is now a License to broker Bitcoin? She is showing people how the crypto market is working. She is doing an awesome job!
    So John, I am going to contact Crypto Girl and suggest they look into a Defamation of character! She is trying to make a living while actually helping and entertaining people. You better check into your law again on Illegal advising. Shame on you to put out lies so you can profit off of that person(s). I see a lot of scams, This website is actually helping helping people, for a change!

    1. I explained it a hundred times, when you tell somebody what and how to trade, it is investment advice, no matter the underlying asset. Anybody can confirm this with the SEC or their national financial regulator in their country. I strongly encourage everybody to check Crypto Prophecy or any other investment program with their national regulator.

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