CLEAR SCAM: Nuovo Finance review

This Nuovo Finance review proves that this trading program is a scam. It is presented by Peter Millen.

Millen claims to be the CEO of a company that developed a binary options trading software called Nuovo Finance. This software allegedly has not lost a single trade in the last six months and it made every single user a millionaire during the same period.

Now Millen wants you to become a free beta tester of Nuovo Finance. That’s it, you can become a millionaire for free, life is easy, isn’t it?

Nuovo Finance scam

The reality of course is that Nuovo Finance is a scam that will not make you any money. In fact, the opposite will happen, it will take your money and lose it.

Peter Millen is a scam artist, or rather a paid actor playing the role of a CEO of a fictitious company.


The Nuovo Finance video is full of paid actors, nobody is a real user of the software or a real employee of the company. This means that all the testimonials about this program are fake.

Look at the picture to see the proof, this personal review has been faked, it is a fictitious story with a stock photo.

Press reviews

On the Nuovo Finance website you can also see quotes from press reviews. But they are all fake too.

Look at the example from CNBC. They have never even mentioned this program, let alone published a review.

You can check it also by clicking on the link.

Scam software

And finally here we have the Nuovo Finance trading software that is supposed to trade binary options for you and make you money.

We tested the app and what we found is a very well-known scam software used by a lot of scams. Look at the picture to see some examples of other scams using the exact same app, like Snapcash Binary, Wiki Trader or Vena System.

We know from real users of this software that it is losing money in real trading! This app remains the same all the time, scammers just rebrand it each time for their new projects.

The truth – how it really works

Now let us explain the real purpose of Nuovo Finance. It is made to persuade you to open a trading account with a selected broker and to deposit money in to this account. In fact, you won’t be allowed to use the software until you deposit money.

The reason is that these scammers are affiliated with this broker and they get paid by this broker for referring new depositors.

And you can be sure that if you deposit money with Nuovo Finance, the program will lose your money.


Nuovo Finance is a total scam that will push you to deposit money and then the crappy software will lose your money. This is not how binary options trading works.

If you are interested in making money in binary trading, you should first start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you should test and learn until you are able to achieve consistent profits. Only then you can start trading with real money.

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4 thoughts on “CLEAR SCAM: Nuovo Finance review

  1. I nearly stepped in it again, as it looks like I am still gullible to these guys talking so well.
    Have been had already more than a dozen times,yes i admit I am stupid but thanks to scammer reviews I am starting to learn. Again a thousand thanks from an 89 year old codger

  2. These Nuovo Finance stickers everywhere really don’t look authentic, it is obvious that it is a set up.

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