CLONED SCAM: Bitcoin Trader Code review

BitcoinTraderCode official webThis review shows that BitcoinTraderCode is an old crypto scam with a new name. It is made to lose your money.

Bitcoin Trader Code supposedly is a trading platform that can trade with a 99.4% win ratio, so you are able to double your investment each and every day. The software has allegedly won several awards.

The biggest miracle is that Bitcoin Trader Code is free. So, can you really double your money every day for free?

Bitcoin Trader Code scam

Scam comparisonThe reality is that BitcoinTraderCode is just a scam, it is a copy of the Bitcoin Trader scam that we have already reviewed.

It won’t make you any money, it will even lose your own money.

Fake numberThe software has not won a single award and there is no US Trading Association that would be awarding prices.

But you don’t even need to know all the things mentioned above to see that Bitcoin Trader Code is a scam, because it is obvious just by looking at the alleged win ratio of 99.4%. No software in the world is capable of this, only scammers promise this kind of number.

How it really works

Olsson Capital depositBitcoin Trader Code is just a marketing tool full of lies that is made to make you sign up and deposit money with Olsson Capital, which is a broker that is not regulated. It is the first thing you will be asked to do after registering.

The reason is that people who run BitcoinTraderCode are being paid by this broker for referring new depositing clients. That’s how it works.


Bitcoin Trader Code is a cloned scam, it will push you to lose money with an unregulated broker. Stay away from it!

If you want to try to make money with cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker to see if you are able to trade profitably.

Be sure to understand all the risks associated with trading before you eventually start trading with real money.

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