CLONED SCAM: Cannabis Inversor review

In our review of Cannabis Inversor you will learn that this investment tool is a pure scam.

Cannabis Inversor reviewCannabis Inversor has a very brief website, so it is hard to find detailed information about it. It is supposed to be an automated trading solution that allegedly can be used by anyone.

Its name suggests that it is trading cannabis stocks, but the table with last trades shows cryptocurrency trades. You can get the trader for free, so is it worth trying?

Cannabis Inversor is a scam

TestWe did not need to test the performance of the Cannabis Inversor trader, because we immediately recognized a cloned scam.

Take a look at our picture and you will see it too: scams like Aphria Trader, Aurora Trader or Weed Trader are exactly the same.

All these programs are based on the same trading software that is not only losing money, but also very dangerous, because it uses a dirty trick.

The trading software that Cannabis Inversor is based upon is equipped with a demo mode that is using fake prices to achieve profits that would never happen in real trading.

This way it is misleading people into thinking that it is a profitable solution, but it is not. Thanks to testimonial from real users we know that it is losing money in real trading.

What the real purpose is

ResultsThe real purpose of Cannabis Inversor is to make money who run this scam. They make money by sending new depositing clients to unregulated and shady brokers.

How to persuade you to deposit with one of their scam brokers? They need to persuade you that they can make you money, and this is what the Cannabis Inversor program is about. Don’t fall into the trap!

Cannabis Inversor review conclusion

Cannabis Inversor is a cloned scam that was designed to get your money and never give you anything back. Stay away from it!

If you want to try legitimate financial trading, do it on free demo with a regulated broker.

Try to build a profitable strategy and only when you have it and when you understand the risks of real trading, you can contemplate investing real money.

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