CLONED SCAM: Dubai Profit Now review

Dubai Profit Now official websiteIn this review we expose the Dubai Profit Now scam, which is presented by Scott Hathaway.

The video on the Dubai Profit Now website says that this trading software has been released by Dubai and is able to make $7,000 in profit every day to every user thanks to its high winning ratio.

The development of the app was allegedly financed by Scott Hathaway and the Mahmood Brothers. Despite all the money that went in, you can get if for free. Weird, isn’t it?

Dubai Profit Now scam

The truth is that Dubai Profit Now is a scam, a cloned one. It first appeared almost three years ago under the name of Dubai Lifestyle App. You can check our linked review to see that it is the exact same program.

It has just been reused with a new name, everything else is the same.

Scott Hathaway is a scammer

Scott Hathaway is a scammerOne of the proofs we provided already in our first review is that Scott Hathaway is a scammer, or to be more precise, a fictitious character.

Scammers made him up as the creator of Dubai Profit Now, but he does not exist. The proof is on our picture.


Reviews are fakeIn the Dubai Profit Now video you can see people talking nicely about the program, they claim that they have earned money with it.

But on our picture you will see that they are paid actors who just provided fake testimonials and reviews. They have never used the app.

Losing software

The losing softwareAnd finally, we have also proved that Dubai Profit Now is based on an app that has been used by scams, like Profit Maximizer for example.

This software is known to be losing money, many people have confirmed this to us.

The truth

The only real purpose of Dubai Profit Now is to make you deposit money with an unregulated broker that will rip you off.

People who created this system are paid by unregulated brokers for sending them new victims, that’s how all these scams work.

Right after you sign up, they will ask you for a deposit, so don’t do it, don’t send them anything if you don’t want to lose it!


Dubai Profit Now is a recycled old scam that already lost a lot of money to a lot of people, stay away from it!

If you want to try genuine financial trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker to be safe.

Use the demo to understand how things works and what is required to be profitable in real trading.

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