Cloned scam: M6BOT review

M6BOT websiteThis review of M6BOT is a warning, you should not trade with this system, your money is at risk.

The presentation of M6Bot says that is a robot for trading Forex. We usually review only binary options trading systems, but as we immediately saw that M6Bot is a copy of Lucky Trader, we decided to publish a warning against it.

M6Bot scam

False promisesM6Bot is supposed to be a robot that works with Metatrader, you allegedly need no special skills or knowledge to profit with it. It provides you with signals.

Now here comes the bold part, M6Bot allegedly has almost no false signals and generates at least 150-300 pips per day. This statement alone means that it is a scam.

You have to depositWe have 10+ year experience in Forex trading and we can guarantee you that all systems have losses and no system in this world can make you 150-300 pips consistently on a daily basis. It is just impossible.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, M6Bot obviously is just a copy of Lucky Trader, so this is another proof that it is a scam.

And M6Bot is not free. You will have to provide your credit card details when signing up, which is extremely dangerous given the fact that M6Bot is anonymous, you don’t know who are the people behind, so your data could easily get abused.


Don’t trade with M6Bot, it is a scam based on a binary options scam. Anonymous people want your credit card details, don’t give them your money!

As we always say, you can achieve real profits only if you learn how to trade and build a profitable strategy. You can try to do so on a demo account where you don’t risk anything.

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