CLONED SCAM: The Inside Trader review

In this review of The Inside Trader you will learn that this program is a scam. It is presented by Alex Steele.

Steele claims that The Inside Trader is a trading software for binary options that can make you $180,000 per month. So you allegedly can become a millionaire within six months.

But wait, miracles are not over, you can get The Inside Trader for free and become a millionaire for free!

The Inside Trader scam

The truth is that The Inside Trader is a scam. A cloned scam that we first saw under the name of Nasdaq Inside Trader.

The presentation is the same, only small details have changed.

Fake Testimonials

The Inside Trader uses fake testimonials. The same paid actors are lying about their trading results.

Look at the picture to see a proof. This guy is selling fake testimonials for 5 dollars on Fiver.

The same applies to static testimonials on the webpage.

reviewLook at the second picture to see that these testimonials are fake too.

Losing software

The Inside Trader is based on a scam software that loses money. This software is used by many binary options scams.

Take a look at the picture to see some of the scams that are based on the same app, like Profits Eternity or Bahama Banker.

So there is nothing unique about this software and we know from real users that it loses money in trading.

The truth

The truth is that the only purpose of The Inside Trader is to make you open a trading account with a selected broker and to make you deposit money into this account. It is because these scammers are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositors.

This is why scammers can give you a free losing trading software. Because by the time you realize you have been scammed, they will already have their affiliate commission.


The Inside Trader is a cloned scam that will take your money and lose it in trading with a crappy software.

If you want to see how money is really made in binary options trading, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can learn everything you need to be able to make money with binary options.

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