CLOUD SCAM: HourCycles review

HourCycles websiteThis review explains that HourCycles is a scam, and not a crypto mining program.

HourCycles claims to be the number 1 cloud mining platform. This means that it is supposed to have mining hardware that you can rent for mining cryptocurrencies and get the profits.

Profits you can get go up to 332% net daily, which means that you could more than quadruple your money every day. Really?

HourCycles scam

Investment solutionsUnfortunately, HourCycles is a scam that has nothing in common with real crypto mining. There is no crypto hardware, no real company, nothing, just an illegal financial scheme.

You should see it by yourself, because 332% in interests daily is absolutely absurd, totally impossible in real world economy. Anybody offering this kind of number is a scammer, there is no other possibility.

In reality HourCycles is a typical Ponzi scheme that will just collect money and maybe redistribute some of it during the first hours or days before the entire schemes collapse because of a lack of new money coming in. This is how these schemes always end, a lot of people lose a lot of money.

HourCycles is of course illegal, there is no company behind it licensed to provide investment services. It is anonymous for a good reason, people who run it are prepared to run with the money they collect.


HourCycles is a scam, a Ponzi schemes that can only collapse, it is just a matter of time. Stay away from it!

Crypto mining is barely profitable nowadays, but you can try crypto trading instead. See on a free demo how it works and what the possibilities are.

If you decide to switch to trading with real money, be careful, because you can win, but also lose.

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