CLOUD SCAM: North Mine review

North Mine official websiteThis review explains why the North Mine cloud mining program is a scam and not the real deal.

North Mine is supposed to be a cloud crypto mining service, meaning that you can rent hash power and get rewards from crypto mining.

North Mine offers daily returns ranging between 11 and 15%, which is pretty huge. Can this be real?

North Mine scam

Fake mining packagesThe reality is that it is absolutely impossible to make 11% or more in crypto mining. It was never possible and nowadays situation is that crypto mining is barely profitable.

The reason is that crypto prices are relatively low, meanwhile mining costs are high. Miners have to pay for expensive hardware and electricity, which reduces their profits virtually to zero.

This means that any mining program, not only North Mine, that is promising several percent per day in profits, is a scam, there is no other possibility.

How it really works

North Mine is an obvious Ponzi scheme. It will collect money from people under a fake reason (crypto mining) and may redistribute some of it on withdrawals in the hope that it will attract more investors and money to the system.

But as you can imagine, since no real business activity is taking place, such a scheme always runs out of money, it is just a question of time. North Mine is therefore doomed to collapse.


North Mine is a scam, it is not a crypto mining service, it is a Ponzi scheme that will take a lot of money from people. Stay away from it!

There is no money to be made in cloud mining, but you can try crypto trading instead. There is a free demo you can try.

But remember that in trading you can not only make, but also lose money, so be careful if you later decide to switch to real money trading.

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