Cloud Token review – another huge SCAM heading towards a collapse

In this Cloud Token review we warn against this cryptocurrency scam, it can only lose you money.

About Cloud Token

CloudToken reviewCloud Token is presented as a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency cloud token (CTO), a wallet and a decentralized exchange.

The main appeal of this project is that it allegedly will earn you a passive income thanks to trading robots that are part of the wallet. They say you can expect 6% – 30% monthly returns on your investment.

It is supposed to work like this: You deposit normal cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ether into your Cloud Token wallet and let robots like Jarvis AI and HAL trade. Then you will get paid profits in CTO on a daily basis. But will you?

Cloud Token scam

Unfortunately, Cloud Token is a scam that is going to implode sooner or later. It is very similar to scams like Bitconnect, OneCoin or Plus Token. Meaning that it issues a worthless cryptocurrency and it gives it to its users in exchange for real cryptocurrencies.

CTO scam

Cloud Token testimonialOne quick way to verify if a cryptocurrency is at least a real cryptocurrency that is traded somewhere, is to look for it at websites like If you don’t find it there, it is a big red flag.

CTO (cloud token) is not listed on websites like Coinmarketcap, which means that it very probably is not even a real cryptocurrency. Looking at all the Cloud Token reviews and tests, it seems that it is just a fictitious token with no real background.

In any case you won’t be able to exchange it anywhere outside the CloudToken system, so once the system fails, which it will, it immediately is worth nothing.

Fairy tales

CloudToken scamCloud Token tells you fairy tales about extremely profitable robots that can make you up to 30% per month. Which of course is absurd. It is not sustainable for any crypto robot to make 30% each and every month, let alone for a free robot.

But even if such a robot existed, it would not need to use a new token like CTO, it would just trade markets and make money.

And this is the trick that takes the Cloud Token scam to a higher level than old-school Ponzi schemes, they created their CTO token so that you think you hold something of value, meanwhile they get your real values like bitcoins and ethers.

When they decide to call it a day, they will run away with your real cryptocurrencies and leave you with the worthless cloud token.

How it works

Finally, we will explain in this CloudToken review how it all works. Because people who run it want to accumulate as much money as they can, their operation is a Ponzi scheme. Which means that at the beginning they will allow members to exchange their CTOs for other cryptocurrencies and cash out.

This way they will make it look like a working system and attract more people and more money into the system. Sooner or later the scheme will become unsustainable. At that moment scammers who run the show will disappear with all real cryptocurrencies and users will be left with cloud tokens that cannot be sold anywhere.

Cloud Token review conclusion

Cloud Token is a crypto Ponzi scheme, a scam that is going to fail, it is just a matter of time. Stay away from it!

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies to make money, do it with the real ones. Start on a free demo and try to build a profitable strategy.

You have to have a sound strategy and understand the risks before you invest real money.

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  1. The best technology today someday had to be the struggling one. Not everything is scam untill they make their space in market. Read more about

  2. Cloud Token is a scam for all but when you try to invest and earn a small amount of money from it then it is not scam that is great!! Everything is not a scam but as you don’t start a business with some investment. Ask cloud token users and then relay on the blogs.

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