COMEBACK SCAM: Walter’s FMS review

Walter's FMS websiteIn this review we warn about the new investment scam called Walter’s FMS review. It is presented by Walter Green.

Green says that his Walter’s Free Money System is a platform that can generate you a passive income. It is a trading robot that will open and close trades on your behalf.

The robot is free, so, do you have anything to lose? Unfortunately, yes!

Walter’s FMS scam

The sad truth is that Walter Green is a known scammer. In fact, he is a paid actor that has been at the core of several investment scams.

It all began three years ago with his Millionaire Blueprint scam that has lost a lot of money to a lot of people. Even regulators from different countries has since warned against Walter Green and his program.

Walter’s FMS is just a copy of this old scam, it even uses the same video.

How it really works

Walter’s FMS is made to take your money and lose it. Here is how it works: when you sign up for his program, you will be assigned to an unregulated broker and you will be told that you have to deposit with this broker in order to start earning money.

If you send them your money, you will neve see it again, their program will lose it. Everything they will do will be centered around getting more deposits from you, they will never let you withdraw anything.

And since you will be dealing with a broker that is not regulated, nobody will be able to help you to get your money back.


Walter’s FMS is an old scam with a new name, even regulators have put it on their black lists. Stay away from it!

If you want to try financial trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You can start trading with real money only when you are sure about what you are doing and understand the risks.

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