COMMON SCAM: Bit Together review

Bit Together webThis review exposes the Bit Together investment scam.

Bit Together is supposed to be a company that mines cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and litecoin. It also invests in stocks and other markets.

The company offers six investment plans with returns up to 13% daily. Is this a real investment opportunity?

Bit Together scam

Fake investment plansBit Together of course is just a scam. All you need is to look at the numbers. 13% daily, which means 390% monthly, is absolutely unsustainable for any legitimate business.

You just cannot multiply your money four times every month, that’s the economic reality.

Only Ponzi schemes offer this kind of numbers, so Bit Together is a scam. It will use new deposits to pay withdrawals until the system collapses because of the lack of new deposits. That’s how these scams work and end.

Fake company

No licenceBit Together Limited displays a registration from the United Kingdom, but it is just a tax registration that is only a few weeks old. Anybody can get it.

But Bit Together lacks an investment licence from the Financial Conduct Authority, as you can see on our picture. This means that it is an illegal investment program.

Fake companyThe company Bit Together Limited is fake, there is no team of trading or mining experts.

On your second picture you will see that they have stolen a photo from another website and used it to portray their fictitious team.


Bit Together is a Ponzi scam, it will collapse quickly and lose all the money. Stay away from it!

If you want to make money in cryptocurrencies trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker and test and learn until you have a profitable strategy.

Only then you can carefully start investing real money for real profits.

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