COMMON SCAM: Bitoflex review

Bitoflex websiteSee in this review that Bitoflex is a scam that you certainly should avoid.

Bitoflex pretends to be a cloud mining platform that allows you to rent mining power and reap the rewards.

How much? 0.9% hourly for 200 hours, which means 180% after 8.3 days, which means 9.6% net daily.

Bitoflex scam

The mining plan is fakeYou really need to just look at the numbers to see that Bitoflex is a scam. Almost 10% net daily means 300% net monthly, which is absolutely impossible in cloud mining.

In fact, cloud mining currently is not profitable at all, because mining costs are high and cryptocurrencies prices low.

So, Bitoflex is just a classic Ponzi scheme hiding behind a fancy technology. In reality Bitoflex does no mining at all, it is just an illegal financial game.

This scam will just collect deposits. It may pay some withdrawals, but only for a limited time and then it will collapse, because there is no real and value generating activity going on. Just a scam that will quickly disappear.


Bitoflex is a dirty scam, it has nothing to do with mining, it is just about collecting money from people. Stay away from it!

Mining is not profitable, the only way to make money with cryptocurrencies is trading. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

But bear in mind that in trading money can be not only made, but also lost, so be responsible.

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