COMMON SCAM: Ethral review

Ethral scamIn this particular review we explain that you should avoid investing money with Ethral.

Ethral claims to be a company that does Forex and cryptocurrency trading. The company is allegedly profitable and for an unknown reason it is willing to share its profits with you.

There are five investment plans with daily net profits ranging from 1.2% to 3%, which means up to 90% per month.

Is this the real deal?

Ethral scam

Plans are not realIf you believe that somebody will make you 90% per month for free, you have a serious problem. The truth is that this simply won’t happen, not only for free, but it is just not possible.

No real business can double your money every month. This leaves us with the only possible outcome, Ethral is a scam.

Illegal service

No authorizationEthral is a company registered in the UK, but it is not licensed by the FCA to provide investment services.

This makes it an illegal investment service, check our picture for a proof.

Ponzi scheme

The true nature of Ethral is a Ponzi scheme. This means that money is collected from people and redistributed partially through payouts. As there is no real business activity creating value, profits are paid from deposits, which is a system that always fails in the end.

It is a financial game that always end with a collapse where a lot of people lose a lot of money.


Stay away from Ethral, it is a scam that won’t last long. When it’s gone, all the money in the system will disappear.

If you want to do real crypto or Forex trading, try a free demo account with a regulated broker and start learning.

You have to build a profitable strategy in order to make profits with real money.

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