COMPLEX SCAM: Royalty Investments Group review

Royalty Investments Group websiteSee in this review that Royalty Investments Group is a scam that will only cost you money.

Royalty Investments Group is a service that offers Forex and binary options signals, managed trading accounts and crypto mining.

People who use the signals allegedly make between $200 and $750 per who knows what period. The binary signals allegedly have an 80%+ win ratio, meanwhile the Forex signals gather 200 pips per week in average. Really?

Royalty Investments Group scam

Investment packagesIt is really easy to see that Royalty Investments Group is a scam. First of all, an 80%+ win ratio with binary options is something unsustainable, impossible in the long term.

If it was possible, it would make you millionaire within a few months. For $49 per month? Use common sense…

Fake reviews

Reviews are fakeThe most tangible proof that Royalty Investments Group is a scam is in the testimonials. They are totally fake.

Look at the proof on our picture, this guy is just a paid actor that anybody can hire for a fake testimonial.

Scam mining

This mining doesn't workAnother problem we noticed is that the crypto mining services offered by Royalty Investments Group is provided by IQ Mining, which is a proven scam.

We have already reviewed this service and we hear a lot of complaints about.

Illegal service

Anonymous companyAnother fact is that anybody providing trading signals needs an authorization from a national regulator valid in every country they are targeting.

But Royalty Investments Group is anonymous and not regulated, so it is an illegal investment advice service.

Real user experience

One of our readers sent us a complaint about Royalty Investments Group, he told us that it is not working, it is just scamming folks out of lots of money.


Royalty Investments Group is a scam that will just take your money, you won’t get anything valuable in return. Stay away from it!

We say it all the time, forget about becoming thanks to a free or $49 per month strategy, that won’t happen. All these offers are scams.

The path to profits in trading leads through your own learning, practicing and building a profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

But remember that trading with real money is risky, you can earn, but also lose.