CONSOB warns against 10Trading and other brokers

The Italian financial authority CONSOB has placed five new binary options and Forex brokers on its warnings list.

The five unregulated brokers that the Italian regulator has warned about are 10Trading, Netobrokers, Midas Globe, VIP Markets and Website Forex Grand.

These companies have no licence, therefore they are not authorized to provide investment services in countries that regulate financial trading.

11 thoughts on “CONSOB warns against 10Trading and other brokers

  1. Midasglobe say they will pay me out within 5 days if I pay commission 15% tax do I have to pay tax to this off shore and not regulated company?

    1. I’m afraid they just want to steal more money from you. The tax thing is BS.

        1. I mean that they are lying if they say you have to first pay some tax to be able to withdraw from your account.

  2. Hi,

    I have been trying to get back my funds from TradeDAX but they are actually refusing to give it back. I have recorded the conversation.

    Are you able to help out with this?

  3. I need to withdraw my money as quick as possible. apparently, they placed a bonus on the account and said that there was no consequences concerning the bonus. That is to say that I don’t require any additonal compliances concerning withdrawells.

    1. Hello, I’m sorry but we cannot help you to recover money from a broker that is not regulated.

  4. I have deposited monies into an account with Midasglobe. an amount of $500usd. no trading has been done yet over the past month. I also deposited $200usd with them for the recovery of monies lost with Thus far nothing has been done and I have contacted their support team several times with no positive outcome. I’ve asked them to place the $200usd that was for the purpose of recovering the monies which was lost with Tradedax into the investment account with the $500usd. I’ve had no positive resonse as promised and want to withdraw my monies. Communication is not easy with them as their support team does not respond effectively. Can you assist in the matter. It will be much appreciated.

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