CONSOB warns against Ayrex, Tropical Trade, Option888 and Brooks Partners

The Italian financial regulator CONSOB has put on a blacklist four binary options brokers.

  • Ayrex
  • Tropical Trade
  • Option888
  • Brooks Partners

These brokers are not regulated, therefore we recommend not to trade with them.


16 thoughts on “CONSOB warns against Ayrex, Tropical Trade, Option888 and Brooks Partners

    ayrex is a scammy place. customer service is ill-informed… they have many scammy tactis. such as paying for good reviews,.. they have a ”program” for ppl to get 10usd for each good review with specific parameters.. here is the link to their corrupt good review sistem.

    besides paying bribes to losing traders .. they lie about or deceit ppl with their crappy fake ” automatic withdraws” farce. when you go to their site 1st u see all the cute graphs about how automatic ull get your paymnents,, but then theyll come uo wuth some excuse, first sayng 1 wallet doesnt work , then tellin me to use otherone. when i do ” it will take 3 days” … they got this rule that if u use neteler and skril the offer is a void, that simple.

    now, they say it says that on the webite but under ” EDUCATION” .. can u believe this guys?.. IT DOES NOT SAY THAT ON THE PROMO FOR THIS ”GREAT FEATURE”.
    their pay per curency will go to 61 62% mayority of times with only 1 currency at 75 or better .. guess whicone…? the one that is near imposible to trade with. ofcourse.. ma ny times they have only 4 pairs running..

    customer service seems to not know wth they talking about.. and seem to have fun and enjoy , tont customers when they have a serious issue.. offer no help. no way to get a hold of a superiror.

    THIS SITE IS NOT REGULATED.. !!! some bribed reviewsites claim they are, but no.

    htir platform also has stupid chart that only lets you see 15 minutes back. useless. and ofcourse their number never match whats in real markets. when asked they say ” we cant reval where we get out quotes from”.

    avoid this scammy place !!

  2. Well, Ayrex is good to me. They have 30 seconds – 5 minutes short term trading options and long term options too. One click trading opportunity is awesome because it’s the key to success with sort term trades like 30 seconds. And they have stocks to trade with. Facebook gives 90% payout with Ayrex. And I see they are so transparent with verification progress and withdrawing progress. They process withdrawals so quick. Verification process do not take days because they process is as soon as they can. I got my documents verified right after uploading them in the documents section and putting a message on live chat. SO I’m pretty sure they are good to keep trading with.

    1. Ayrex guys, if you keep spamming your marketing BS like this here, I will start deleting your posts.

      1. What means spamming? I’m a real trader there. Any requirement to prove it too?

  3. Yes, you are right Ayrex is not regulated yet, but here is my experience:
    They offer an amazing platform which contains everything in front of you.
    It is easy, clear and fast. You can trade on 30 seconds which rarely exists in other brokers. You can try trading with Ayrex on demo for free, moreover you can win real funds by participating in the contest.
    So I can’t tell more, try Ayrex by yourself and you will find out how great broker they are!

    1. I have been in this for four years and I can for sure tell that these positive Ayrex comments don’t look like from real users. And I repeat that because Ayrex is not regulated, it cannot operate legally in any country with a financial regulation, like the US, EU, Australia, Canada, Japan and many other countries.

  4. Ayrex is a good new platform, it provides me with a fast closure-opening/execution of positions and lot of assets to operate. Support is fast and professional and the android app now has indicators to manage the market. The deposit and withdrawal is also fast for me. I would like to open positions from less to 5usd.

  5. A few months ago I trade binary options with ayrex. My experience is without a doubt the best, the broker is reliable its platform is very easy to use, I can also say that the customer service is very good. For the options of deposit and withdrawal are the three best that are credit card, neteller and skrill with them payments of up to $ 100 are in automatic.
    I made the deposit only with skrill and with that use the withdrawals in automatic

  6. Ayrex have been really good with me I’ve been using them for some time now and they are always helpful. Withdrawing your funds has been made even simpler, you can now withdraw money without having to wait for it to reach your account. If withdraw up to £100 or euros dollars, the money will be in your skrill account instantly, and you can do it daily. For me they’re an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get into trading, I think they are nearly as good as IQ Option and they are one of the best. One place where Ayrex beats IQ is they have nearly no latency when placing trades, IQ have that 3 second delay, with Ayrex it’s around a second. Choose any of these and you won’t go far wrong.

    1. I’ve been on the hunt for some time now, to find a review on Ayrex Binary Options, based out of St. Vincent. This broker has a state of the art platform to trade Binary Options on. But…but…I must say, that in my opinion, they are nothing more than: just another scam broker, whose platform is rigged. So…warning to all of you binary options Traders and “Newbies, stay away from these guys as you’ll end up loosing a whole lot of money trading with them. ” Look for a good reputable binary options broker in your region, to trade the Options/FX Markets.

      1. Ayrex is not regulated, which is enough to say that it is better to stay away from this broker.

  7. I am registered all the process is done but I still didn’t get auto trading robot software from you? Why it’s a scam
    And I don’t get any support nor any response from any source…

    1. Hello, I’m sorry but you made a mistake, we don’t provide any software, we just publish articles. You must go to the website where you registered, it certainly was not with us.

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