CONSOB warns against SwissAZ, PlatinumFX, MarketsFX and CapitalGMA

The Italian financial regulator CONSOB has added four brokers to its blacklist.


SwissAZSwissAZ offers cryptocurrency trading through contracts for difference (CFD). Therefore it is not an exchange, it is a broker that needs a license.

Although its name suggests otherwise, SwissAZ has nothing to do with Switzerland, the broker is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

And it has no license whatsoever, it is not regulated. Despite this fact it is targeting customers in countries like Italy, this is why the regulator has warned against it.


PlatinumFXPlatinium FX is a Bulgarian Forex broker that obviously is seeking clients abroad, because his phone support is in England. The broker is showing awards on its website that it has not won, so it is lying.

The most important thing is that PlatiniumFX is not regulated, it has no authorization to provide investment services.


MarketsFXMarkets FX claims to be one of the leading brokers in the world, but in reality is an unknown broker from Bulgaria.

And again, it is a broker that is not regulated, but still targeting residents of regulated countries like Italy, which has earned him a place on the blacklist of the CONSOB.


CapitalGMAWith CapitalGMA you can trade Forex, there are three different accounts for this purpose. The minimum deposit at $1000 is pretty high. Each account is entitled to trading signals.

Capital GMA is headquartered in Bulgaria and has no license to provide investment services. But it is offering them in Italy among other countries, this is why it is the subject of a warning from the regulator CONSOB.


SwissAZ, PlatinumFX, MarketsFX and CapitalGMA are brokers that were placed on the blacklist of the Italian regulator, because they provide investment services without the necessary authorization.

For trading we recommend using regulated brokers only.