CONSOB warns against Time4X, CFX Point, Protrade FX and PBN Capital

CONSOB, the financial regulator from Italy, has published an alert about four new unregulated brokers.

Time4X, CFX Point, Protrade FX and PBN Capital are Forex brokers that offer trading with currencies, but also with commodities, stocks and other assets. Time4X even offers trading signals.

But all these brokers are located offshore and are not regulated. Despite this they seek clients in Italy among other countries, which is why the CONSOB has put them on its blacklist.

We recommend trading with regulated brokers only.

11 thoughts on “CONSOB warns against Time4X, CFX Point, Protrade FX and PBN Capital

  1. I also fell a victim to this scam broker. They kept on asking me to deposit more money. Then they stopped picking up my calls and doesn’t reply my mails. After loosing more money.

  2. PBN Capital`s owner is Bulgarian, as I found info in the internet – lives in *****. The company is not young, as for me – has 2+ years experience, but my friend have met them in their office in Montenegro to reclaim his money!!

    ADMIN NOTE: Address deleted from the post. We cannot publish any names or addresses, because if you are wrong, innocent people could get hurt. You can publish links to registers etc. to support your findings, but not just names and/or addresses.

  3. PBN Capital company in my promised to provide me against losses.
    Anton.Leonov told me to open order, helped me with it. Then give me the order no matter what not to close it, because he controles everything I just have to wait for his call. He did not call me and I lost 250 in a result.
    I want my 250 back.

  4. Half a year worked with PBN capital… I’ve been lucky enough to earn on crypto currency this summer tho I’ve lost my money several times… But Forex is a game, you shoud be prepared… myself, I don’t have any complaints about PBN capital i find their work satisfying

  5. Idk, I’ve been working with PBN Capital for couple month and everything’s fine so far. Can’t say I’ve become a millionaire but I managed to make something from it… Why its bad that they seek clients in Italy?

    1. It’s illegal, PBN Capital is not regulated, so when it’s seeking clients in the EU, it is breaking the law.

    2. I have invest more than $4000 with these guys and all my money is gone. Bunch of thieves.

  6. PBNCAPITAL mi ha truffato mille euro il mese scorso. Qualcuno mi può aiutare a recuperarli. Grazie

    1. Salve ..mi potresti spiegare come te li hanno fregati..ln quanto che anche io ho depositato 1000 eur e vogliono che incrementi , ma mi sono accorto che per fare le transazioni fanno pagare le commissioni da eur a dollaro …si loro operano in usd e ci mettono anche anche una parte di equity , a farla breve sto anche guadagnando dopo aver letto ciò non metterò più niente e proverò con un prelievo prima di continuare!

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