CONSUMING SCAM: Zero to Hero FX Signals review

0 to Hero FX Signals reviewThis review addresses the issues connected to the service called 0 to Hero FX Signals.

Zero to Hero FX Signals will provide you with trading signals for Forex. you will get 4 to 10 signals per day and the target for you is to make 300 pips per month. This is a pretty big number, it would mean 3000 dollars in profits with just one lot traded.

How much do these signals cost? $95 per month. But we believe you would be throwing money out of the window.

Zero to Hero FX Signals scam

Performance and profitsWe always struggle to believe systems that can make you thousands of dollars per month or more and cost only a tiny fraction, like $100. And so should you, because it doesn’t make any sense.

There is a basic rule, the more people use the same trading system, the more it is likely to fail. Not only a lot of people entering the markets in the same direction and at the same time as you can ruin your own entries, but other traders will know where you enter and where you exist, so they can take advantage of it and make you lose.

Profitable trading systems are kept secret, and if they are sold in any shape or form like trading signals, they are very expensive. Because it is always easier and safer to use profitable systems for your own profits than to sell them.

Fake testimonials

Zero to Hero FX Signals testimonialBut there is a more tangible proof that Zero to Hero FX Signals is a scam. You just have to look at the testimonials, they are clearly fake, made with stock photos.

Look at our picture to see what we mean, anybody can buy the photo of this man, he is not a real trader or user of 0 to Hero FX Signals.


Zero to Hero FX Signals is showing fake testimonials, which makes it a scam. Also, we don’t believe it can make you 300 pips per month, there is no proof for that.

As we always say, profitable trading is not a matter of a few bucks spent on signals or a system, it is a skill that has to be learned. You can try and do it on a free demo and build your strategy.

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