Copy Buffett Software – review of a massive scam

Copy Buffett web siteIn this review we are going to have a look at a new binary options scam called „Copy Buffett“. It is presented by Jeremy Fin.

Fin says that he is a top software developer that managed to program the Copy Buffett Software that is trading binary options using the same strategies as the famous trader and billionaire Warren Buffett.

Now you can get a free copy of the Copy Buffett Software, that allegedly can make you thousands of dollars per month.

Copy Buffett Software is a disgusting scam

Scammers are building new binary options scam every day and each time they use some fake identities and paid actors. This time the basic building block is a real trader – Warren Buffett – and they even don’t pretend that he has anything in common with their project.

So it is easy to fill a web page with somebody famous, because media are full of real articles about Buffett. And then scammers say that they are copying this guy. Well, it is a big lie.

Jeremy Fin

Jeremy Fin is a fictitious character played by an actor. He tells many lies because he needs to convince you to open a binary options trading account and deposit money into it. Because it will earn him an affiliate commission with his broker.

You should notice that Fin does not provide any real contact information about his company, no address, phone number, registration number etc. They are hiding their identity, which is so typical for scams.

Not free

This is the usual thing with binary options scam. They supposedly offer you free money, but you have to first deposit your own money. Copy Buffett is no different.

If you do it and deposit, you will then lose your money in trading with the Copy Buffett Software, because it is just a piece of crap.

Fake testimonials

Stolen photo.

The must have for a scam: fake testimonials. Paid actors who are willing to sell their soul for five bucks and endorse scams like Copy Buffett Software. You can see them in the video.

Others don’t even know that their photo was stolen and used for a faked testimonial, like the guy on the picture, his photo has been taken from a dating web site.


Copy Buffett Software is a scam. If somebody promises you money, but asks for your money first, you can be sure that it is a scam.

For those who are interesting in seeing how binary options trading really works, try a free demo. Then you’ll see what is needed to make money in binary trading.

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31 thoughts on “Copy Buffett Software – review of a massive scam

  1. Thanx John , i almost signed up
    I wish i had $250 to try every bot
    I know there is good software like the harmonicx from imarketslive that works with a bot
    Would be a pleasure to make a few pennies on the side

    1. I had a quick look at iMarketsLive and I am very sceptical. A millionaire that shares his trading secrets for a few bucks with the general public? And with an affiliate program, so you will find a lot of fake reviews. Testimonials about doubling the trading account in one week? HQ in London but no signs of licence and regulation… A lot of strange things…

  2. Copy buffet is a big scammer, l have lost all my money 50 trades, win 15 and lost is 35. Binary option Watchdog is an affiliate for promote scammer website. all negative review , they will delete and not pose it, all positive testimonial from scam their own actor and scam trader said good , they will pose, it totally cheat people hard earn money.

    1. Hi Rob, in my opinion IQ Option is a good broker. IQ Option Robots is a new tool, it allows you to automate some basic strategies based on indicators. You can also use robots created by other traders. I would by very careful with using other robots, because you don’t know how they work and they don’t have a long history so far, because the tool is new, as I said. But you can use this tool to test some of your ideas, because you can test the robots on historical data (and demo too). However I believe that purely technical strategies are not working as good as manual trading where you consider the market context. Executing mechanically every trade when indicator x crosses indicator y never worked for me. Before entering a trade I consider the trend, support and resistance levels, upcoming news… This is something a robot cannot do at this level.

  3. Hi John,

    I am Herutomo from Indonesia. I wonder is there any legit auto trading bot you recommend? Thank you so much. I am sorry for bad English.

    1. Hi, I’m sorry but so far I haven’t seen any profitable binary options trading bot.

  4. Where do you recommend someone who is willing to learn get started. U am complete in awe of these scams. There has been many times where I have been tempted, then someone says it’s a scam then tries to sell you their garbage. Most of us don’t do anything because we don’t know where and how to start? Please share alittle wisdom.

    1. Hi, my personal opinion is that is a good place to start learning. It is mainly about spot Forex, but technical and fundamental analysis is basically the same when trading binary options.

    2. yep baby pips is an awesome site. i spent a lot of time on their in the best, going through their school of pipsology. you wont find scam garbage on their at all 🙂

      also if you want to practise binary options, just go to a chart site like or trading to check out the currency prices/charts.

      then you can open a binary options demo account to play around. markets world give you free demo account to try.

  5. John, I came across your blog about CopyBuffett did the same thing that Natalee did and brought this to those bloggers mentioned above, With WD I even used my Facebook profile to post knowing that would be under moderation however next day was gone, same happened to the other two. I did more research and came across another blogger Jasmine Steve from and my comments were also deleted.

    Since I now know that those bloggers like WatchDog, Anonymous and The Governor will not allow comments that makes them look bad, what about comments from anyone who has lost money in CopyBuffett or other scams they endorse no one will be able to find out. Well at least from those bloggers they won’t however they can express their frustrations here though. All people have to do is a Google Search and this blog is on page 1 in Google.

    There are a few bloggers that I have seen that also come up with the same conclusion as yourself John. Once Warren Buffett finds out about CopyBuffett how long before gets shut down its just a matter of time IMO.

  6. Hello I like to know If you really test the Binary signal tools?

    Or you look at it and say it is a scam?

    I do not see a video from the software or tools you give comments on.

    So by looking to the promotion video the software maker is sending into the world, I can’t see for 100% if it is a scam.

    If you look at a good looking woman, you also do not know if she is in real live a bitch? That comes out after she is your wife.

    So please can you test the software, some weeks. So we know what you talking about. And what and how to handele.

    Thank you.

    1. Are you serious? In each article we provide several proofs for our claims. And read all the comments from real users, they confirm they lost money with these programs. We have been reviewing scams for several years and we have seen hundreds of binary options scams. I won’t lose $250 per day in scams just to confirm what is obvious and confirmed by real users.

  7. copy buffett has not worked for me and their supposed customer service is non existent
    one week trading
    19 trades 11 winners 8 losers
    a profit of $9
    i can give any disbeliever a copy of the trades
    every trade has been 16 minutes past the hour, during 9 to 7 recommended hours
    every trade has been the same currency pair, namely eur/usd
    my settings are 95%
    not impressed
    any comments welcome, but i think it would be cheaper to walk off a cliff than copy buffett

    1. Spot on Bill. Same experience with me but you’re luckier. It’s lost me £53 before I caught on and stopped. Mine’s always 17 mins past the hour, always EurUsd. Last time it placed two trades completely opposite and guaranteed to lose – a call at 597 and a put at 414. You’re sure to lose one or worse still both. I lost both because the prices expired in between the range. Total sham and scam.

  8. I will never trust the Watchdog or Freeman again…they joined the scammers. I hope more sites call them out for being bogus. Now we need a site listing scam review sites..!

  9. Hi John,

    This may be a bit long , but please bear with me because I believe I represent the majority…..oh and try not to laugh too much:)

    I’m from South Africa and recently left the corporate world wanting “to do things differently and become more independent”. I decided I would prefer shorter, sharper contracts and/or consulting work to prevent the inevitable tedium and monotony of the 9 to 5 slog. So during my research into more flexible/remote work positions in my field, I obviously came upon a multitude of pop-ups promoting binary options.

    I have always wanted to learn more about trading, but have never had the time or enough resources to do so…..well, like most people, I was drawn to the BO hype. My plan was to generate enough capitol through BO and use said gains to actively trade on the stock exchange……specifically wanting to learn to trade like Buffet:).

    Well, since Monday this week I have done NOTHING ELSE but surf the net re binary options and specifically all these trading bots (ignorance, inexperience and the universal obsession with get-rich-quick-schemes reigns supreme I’m afraid to say). During my research I reached the conclusion that the best scam alerts sites were BO Watchdog and BO Anonymous and I duly subscribed. Anyway, on Wednesday, I decided to follow both sites advice and go with VirtNext and Copy Buffet. I duly watched both videos……bear in mind that the absolute majority of scam alert sites endorse both these scams, ALL saying that the protagonists and the testimonials are legitimate people, so therefore the products are safe. I watched Copy Buffet first and then VirtNext. While on the VirtNext site, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page to the testimonials……

    Well, well, well……one of the four video testimonials is “Jeremy Fin”, from Copy Buffet fame!!! Here, he is Michael Callen, aged 47 from Melbourne Australia! In fact, three of the videos are from people living outside the US, but they’re all American (Aus, UK and Netherlands). On further investigation, I found that, called him on his $%#@ and proved (as you did above) that his testimonials were not from legitimate customers! They do however strongly endorse VirtNext! Gotta love it……you’re so right about not being able to trust anyone in the BO multiverse.

    I then, posted comments on both BO Watchdog and BO Anonymous’ websites drawing their attention to this. BO Watchdog didn’t even bother to moderate my comment…..just disappeared in the ether and BO Anonymous had it hanging in moderation for two days and now it too has disappeared in the ether. I was FURIOUS! I so nearly went ahead and trusted them. A woman scorned etc and I set about spending yesterday and this morning researching these scam alert sites, which is why I have landed on your page. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Michael Freeman is an unabashed, shameful creep and thanks to you I now think they all are. I will now take your advice and do things the long way……study, research, learn and apply:). I’m more pretrified than ever to try BO, but I will continue to investigate as per your guidelines above.

    EISH as we say here in SA!!!! Thank the FSM that I’ve been burnt so badly in the past by my own gullibility……one of those blunt tools that readily parts with her hard earned cash to any sad sack and their BS.

    Thank you again and good luck to everyone reading this……may we all eventually prosper intelligently:)

    1. eish ja ne natalee, lol..from s.a too… I have been saved from copy buffett sCam. I researched a lot since I am not the kind to fall for these big promises. Only positive online comments is the reason for me growing weary, nothing on app store could find real people commenting, their fb page hardly had comments as well. Wish these cons die a slow and painful death for stealing people’s hard earmarked sh

  10. copy buffett can be confusing but when I do free demo from ayrex, I did manual trade instead of auto trade with copy buffetts signals. I use 95%-100% strength and out of 12 trades 10 itm 2 otm. In order to achieve this always watch the news at all time because auto trade doesn’t support the news. always turn auto off on major news but to the point im pretty much happy to trade with copy buffett manual waaaay better results. if you don’t agree, then I got nothing more to say

    1. It is short term luck, the app is worth nothing, in the long run it will lose your money. So many fake reviews out there…

    2. Please clarify Matthew. When you receive those signals to trade them manually, is it on 1min, 2min, 5min, 30min, 1hr or EOD? It doesn’t advise you which. And my experience is that I was making about 60% ITM trading opposite to the signals against the next available expiry. Don’t try it. I’ve stopped cos it’s all just luck.

  11. I don’t want to defend them, but maybe the versions of the software they are testing are having “maximized” performances. I am testing CASH-CAMP (I will try also SOCIALTECHTRADER) for instance and is performing respectably in auto mode (but not as good as they videos are showing). Regarding COPY-BUFFETT a simple question remain to be answered, how they are using the image of Warren Buffet in the promo without fear to be sued (I don’t think anybody want’s to mess with Warren, he will crush them), unless maybe they are legit and have permission from Warren itself to use his image. The future will tell (want to test it as well).
    As a general rule, if anybody want to test this softwares, if you get assigned a non regulated broker DO NOT MAKE THE DEPOSIT!!! Non regulated brokers do not have to follow any rules, so, even if you are successful they can bend the rules in their favor, and you will never see your profits. From my personal experience try to get a IP Fake or Hide program and if you want to test a particular software change the IP and clear your browsing hystory and try and retry until you get a regulated broker. At least with a regulated broker if something is going ok (or not) you can see your money back, they are forced by LAW to give them upon request.

    1. I’m sorry but what you say is a nonsense, or rather a promo from somebody who is promoting these scams on his own web site. Scammers will never send you to an honest and regulated broker, because regulated brokers do not accept customers from scammers. And Cash Camp and Social Tech Trader are total scams, a lot of people lost money with them.

      1. hi everybody,

        I used Social Tech trader.

        And the send me to OptionBit. (EU) So that broker is not wrong: REGULATION DISCLOSURE: OptionBit is operated by Novox Capital Ltd, a CySEC regulated broker fully authorized to provide online trading services throughout the EU under license number 224/14.

        My problem with Social tech trader is, real time is not good. the advice 95% put! But the market go up or SSI is 50/50 60/40 that is not 95% Call/Put. and visa versa
        and manual it only make lot long trade but all ITM. So yes I win some and I losse. but to much. So I want to try out some other. Better stay Fx.

  12. I fell for a scam about a year ago, so as good as something sounds, I scrutinize the website, use google and sign up to read the terms and conditions. Sometimes the T&C are really slick.

    On the Copy Buffet site you will see FAKE badges:
    Mcafee Secure
    SSL Secure Connection (it is NOT a secure site)

    If these were legitimate badges, you would be able to click on them and you’d be taken to their website via a secure connection verifying the authenticity of the badge, badge owner, and badge user.

    Regarding T&C: in some of the broker terms that I have read they mention that if you use Autotrading software, they do not have to pay you! Incredible, huh? You’re getting scammed from the software “vendor” and then the broker they recommend does not have to pay you if you use AT software. Some of the reviewers on other sites may be making money using the software. This may be true. But, the real question is: Can they withdraw their money?

    1. Buddy ever thought that they could be the same companies… Bottom line is that the brokers rounded up to trick us in to get this services that they elaborate and provide so more people get wiped clean of their hard earned money

      1. Well i´ll take your word on it. At least your not selling fake dreams. Anyway, about the MF signal group? any thoughts? cheers

          1. I ear you! The group seems legit tho. People in there are in profit and you just can´t fake tousends of daily active followers. Keep up the great work John

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