COPYCAT SCAM: Profits Every Day review

Profits Every Day websiteIn this review we prove that Profits Every Day is a cloned scam that is here to steal your money. It is presented by Richard Banks.

Banks says that his trading software has made him a millionaire. It is presented under the name of Profits Every Day and it allegedly can earn you $10,000 every day. For free, because the app is free. Does it sound real? Of course not!

Profits Every Day

Comparison of scamsProfits Every Day is in fact an old scam called $10K Every Day App with a new logo. Lazy scammers just took everything from that old scam and rebranded it.

Check our picture to see a proof.

Richard Banks

Richard Banks scammerBanks is not a real trader, he is a scammer. In fact, the guy you see in the video is a professional scammer who played in several scams.

His real name certainly is not Banks. Richard Banks is a fictitious person played by a paid actor. See our picture.

Fake testimonial

The testimonial is fakeAnother actor and professional scammer is the guy in the video that pretends to be a new user making money with the Profits Every Day app.

As you can see on our picture, it is not the first time he is scamming people.

Scam robot

The roboto that loses moneyAnd finally, the trading software is nothing unique nor profitable. Again, check our picture and you will see examples of some other scams that are based on this exact same software.

We’ve got a lot of feedback about this trading app from real users and they say that it is losing money.

The truth

Now let us explain how Profits Every Day really works. It’s only aim is to make you deposit money with an unregulated broker that these scammers are affiliated with.

If you deposit money through their app with their crappy broker, scammers will get paid a commission and their software will lose your deposit.


Profits Every Day is an old scam with a new name, a lot of people already lost a lot of money with it!

If you really want to trade financial markets for profits, start practicing on a demo account with a regulated broker to see if you can succeed in building a profitable strategy.

You have to understand what trading takes before potentially switching to real money.

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