CRAZY STUPID SCAM: Digital Income Trust review

Digital Income Trust reviewIn this review we reveal that the Digital Income Trust of Matthew Tomlinson is a total scam that is targeting your wallet.

Digital Income Trust is supposed to be an advertisement program that will earn you $5,000 per day, guaranteed.

This program is free, so you are supposed to believe that you can make more than $100,000 per month for free. What’s the truth?

Digital Income Trust scam

Unfortunately, Digital Income Trust is a scam that won’t earn you anything. In fact, it will take your money, so you will lose.

The whole concept of Digital Income Trust is crazy stupid, they want you to believe that you can somehow make money by investing into ads from big companies. But it is a complete nonsense, when Facebook, Samsung or any other company buys ads, you cannot enter the process to take their money.

Either you have a website that is attractive for advertisers, so you can charge people for advertising on your website, or you are out of this business and cannot get a piece of the cake.

Banner Bit scam

BannerBit is a scamIn reality Digital Income Trust is just a new funnel of Banner Bit. Banner Bit is a scam platform that runs fictitious investments into advertisement.

We have already exposed the Banner Bit scam with programs like Online Wealth, Secret Investor Society or Quantum Ad Code. Ale theses scams just steal money, that’s all.

Illegal operation

Not regulatedIn the Digital Income Trust video you will hear the statement that it is a fully regulated organization, but it is a big fat lie.

Digital Income Trust is anonymous, you won’t find any real contact information, it is not regulated, it is a scam.

More lies

Fake media linksThe Digital Income Trust allegedly was featured on Business Insider, Forbes, Bloomberg and many other media.

But again, it is just lie, these media have never published a single word about this program.


Digital Income Trust is a dirty scam that will just take your money and remain silent. Stay away from it!

If you want to make money in investing, start practicing on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You have to build a profitable strategy and understand the risks before you can switch to trading with real money.


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