CRUDE SCAM: Airdrop Cash review

This AirdropCash exposes a cryptocurrency mining scam that was designed to steal your money.

AirdropCash reviewAirdrop Cash is supposed to be a cryptocurrency mining service. You have to deposit bitcoins to rent the alleged mining power and mine bitcoins and ethers.

All is done automatically, so the whole program is basically reduced to investing and getting daily returns from 7% to 14% net. The question is, is this service genuine, can you really make money with it?

AirdropCash scam

The sad truth is that Airdrop Cash is a scam. It is not doing any cryptocurrency mining, it just runs an illegal scam scheme that takes people’s money.

It is easy to expose, because there absolutely is no way to make 7% or 14% daily net in crypto mining. This would equal to hundreds of percent per month, which in fact is impossible in any legitimate business.

You see, crypto prices are generally in the lower half of their ranges, which makes life of miners difficult. Depending on your electricity cost it could even be impossible to achieve profits right know. For anybody it takes at least months to break even.

So, we can safely say that if in these conditions anybody promises you big profits from crypto mining, they are scammers, there is no other way.

How it works

In reality AirdropCash is not doing any mining at all. It is just an illegal financial game that collects money from people.

It probably tries to run a Ponzi scheme in which some of the deposits are redistributed on first profits, so that people think it works and invest more.

But it doesn’t work, Ponzi scheme always end by collapsing, because they create no values, they just play dirty games with money.

AirdropCash review conclusion

Unfortunately, Airdrop Cash is not a crypto mining service, it is a scam that will lose your money. Stay away from it!

If you want to get involved with cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo trading account and see how it works.

In testing with virtual money you can try everything in a safe way and understand what you need to succeed in real trading and what would be the risks.

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