CRUDE SCAM: Coins Robot review

Coins Robot official webThis review explains why you cannot trust Coins Robot and why you should not invest money with it.

CoinsRobot is supposed to be an auto-trading robot that generates profits to its users. All you have to do is to deposit money and let it trade for profits.

You allegedly can make up to 250% per month with Coins Robot. Really?

Coins Robot scam

No licenceFirst of all, Coins Robot is lying about two things.

The first is that it is a real company. At this time there is no contact information on the robot’s website, but there is a hint that it is based in the UK.

But we found nothing about Coins Robot in the Companies House register, so there obviously is no real company behind this program.

Domain ageThe second lie is about the time the company is trading bitcoin. The website says that Coins Robot is an investment service that exists for more than five years.

But the Coins Robot Website exists for only two months, so it obviously is very new.

You will find proofs on our pictures.

Ponzi scheme

The investment planCoins Robot with 250% monthly obviously is just a Ponzi scheme. It means that it can pay some profits at the beginning, but money for this purpose will be taken from new deposits.

And when there are more withdrawals than deposits, the system will collapse and people will lose money. This how these programs work.


Coins Robot is a scam that you should avoid, otherwise you might lose money.

If you want to see how crypto trading really works, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

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