CRYPTO ABUSE: Exp Asset review

Exp Asset websiteIn this review we have a look at Exp Asset and explain what this program is really about.

Exp Asset is a program focused on cryptocurrencies trading, at least that is what they want you to believe.

You can purchase different packages that include instructions, trading signals, webinars and other things related to cryptocurrencies, prices start at $25.

The program is supposed to make you money, but how?

Exp Asset – the truth

Typical MLMWe studied the materials provided by Exp Asset and found out that is just a typical Multi Level Marketing scheme (MLM) that is using cryptocurrencies to stay legal.

MLMs most often are just pyramid schemes that redistribute money from deposits among their members. A simple money game like this is not legal, so they incorporate a product that you are buying, so that the program can operate legally.

Here the product is crypto education and signals. But let’s be honest, should they know how to make money in crypto trading, they would make money in crypto trading and to be building a pyramid scheme.

FeesIf you expect Exp Asset to make you money in crypto trading, you will be disappointed. It is just a MLM that wants you to promote it and get other people into the system, this how they make money.

In rare cases MLMs are used to promote good products, but in most cases they are used just to hide a financial pyramid scheme that will enrich those who are at the top, which is the case of Exp Asset.


Exp Asset is not about cryptocurrencies, it is an MLM scheme, we recommend staying away from it.

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, start on a demo account with a regulated broker.

Build your way into profitable trading on the demo, then you can start investing real money.

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