CRYPTO SCAM: BitcoinBot Pro review

BitcoinBot ProThis review reveals that Bitcoin Bot Pro is a scam that you should not trade cryptocurrencies with.

BitcoinBot Pro supposedly is a trading platform for indirect crypto trading, via contracts for difference. The platform allegedly includes powerful strategies that make every trade profitable.

And the robot is free. Can you make money for free with it?

BitcoinBot Pro scam

False promisesWe tested the BitcoinBot Pro software and we immediately recognized a software that has been used by dozens of scams.

See our picture for a comparison, scams like Rain Cloud Coin, Crypto Storm or Crypto Robot are based in this exact same software. There is nothing unique about it, it’s just being rebranded over and over again.

The scam robotThe most dirty thing about this trading software is that when it lets you try it in a demo mode, it will use fake prices to generate fake profits.

This might make you think that it is profitable, but it is not. In real mode it is losing money, many real users have confirmed this to us.

Unregulated brokers

Lies about regulationAnother big lie of BitcoinBot Pro is that it will let you trade with brokers that are regulated.

In reality it will send you to shady companies like TradeInvest90 that we hear a lot of complaints about.

With these brokers you don’t need to do much, they often refuse withdrawals for no reason, so the chances to get your money back are very slim.

How it really works

The true purpose of BitcoinBot Pro is to make you deposit your own money with one of these crappy brokers like TradeInvest90.

If you do it, the robot will lose your deposit and scammers who run Bitcoin Bot Pro will get paid by the broker for referring a new victim.


BitcoinBot Pro is a scam based on a well-known losing software, stay away from it!

If you want to make money in cryptocurrency trading, start practicing on a genuine free demo with a regulated broker.

Test and learn until you know what you are doing. Only then you can carefully switch to trading with real money.

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