CRYPTO SCAM: Breakout Hunter review

Breakout Hunter websiteThis review reveals that Breakout Hunter from the Blockchain Research Council is a scam. It is presented by Pat Kendrick.

Kendrick claims that his Breakout Hunter is a software that can predict breakouts on cryptocurrencies before they actually happen. Thanks to this it allegedly can be earning you $5,000 per day.

And the software costs only $37. Can you really become a millionaire for $37?

Breakout Hunter scam

Unfortunately, Breakout Hunter is just a scam. The Blockchain Research Council is a fictitious entity, Crypto Cash Codex is nothing real.

There is a lot of red flags and problems we could discuss about Breakout Hunter, but here just some of the proofs that it is a scam.


Fake garageKendrick is bragging about how much he made with Breakout Hunter and what he bought. But he is lying.

For instance, he shows a garage with three Maseratis and he says it his own. But it isn’t. This picture of the garage is all over the internet, so it is hard to find who is the real owner, but it certainly is not Kendrick.

Why? Because he says it’s been only a few months he has been using Breakout Hunter, meanwhile the photo of the garage is online at least since 2013, see our picture.

Fake reviews

Fake articleKendrick also claims that Forbes confirmed that Breakout Hunter is working, but again, it’s a lie.

As you see on our picture, Forbes never published anything about this program. Kendrick’s picture is fake.


Breakout Hunter is a scam, it won’t make you any money, stay away from it!

Nobody can predict breakouts before they happen with certainty. You can try crypto trading on a free demo to see how it works and that making money in trading is a matter of a good strategy based on probabilities.

And don’t expect to be making $5,000 since the first day. Trading is risky, so act responsibly.

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