CRYPTO SCAM: Hooplex and Lexera review

Hooplex websiteDiscover in this review that Hooplex, LexeraWay and LexeraLXR are an investment scam that you have to avoid.

Hooplex is supposed to be a community that develops a payment system called LexeraLXR which is based on LexeraWay.

The platform will allegedly integrate different cryptocurrencies into on network and simplify transfers. It will use the LXR coin which is supposed to increase in value.

You can invest into Lexera and allegedly make up to 1.1% per day. Seriously?

Hooplex and Lexera scam

LexeraFirst of all, Hooplex obviously is not a serious project. There is no whitpaper, no real team of people behind, no code, nothing.

There is just a shady investment program with 33% per month, which is way too high and it clearly shows that Lexera is a scam.

No serious crypto projects can offer you steady daily profits, it is just impossible, because future market conditions are unknown.

Besides, it is not clear where the money would come from, Hooplex and Lexera have no real business model, there is nothing real to generate profits.

Illegal investment program

No licenceLexera has an investment program, therefore it is an investment service. As Hooplex is based in the UK, it needs a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority to operate legally.

But Hooplex is not registered with the FCA, therefore it is an illegal investment program that offers no protection to investors.

How it really works

Scam programHooplex and Lexera are in reality just empty boxes. There is no community, no cryptocurrency, no platform.

There is only a Ponzi scheme that might pay some returns, but deposits will be used for that, because there is no real business activity to generate real profits. Sooner or later the system will crumble and money will be lost.


Lexera and Hooplex are hopeless scams, illegal financial games that you have to avoid.

If you want to trade with real cryptocurrencies, try a free demo with a regulated broker.

If you later decide to invest real money, remember that in trading you can make but also lose money, so be careful.

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