CRYPTOBOT is a scam – review

Cryptobot websiteIn this review we explain why you should not trade binary options with Cryptobot.

Cryptobot has a landing page that says that you should be investing in Bitcoin, because it will make you money. For that Cryptobot is generating trading signals for you to succeed.

So the question is, can you really make money in trading the Bitcoin with Cryptobot?

Cryptobot scam

It is not about BitcoinWe tested Cryptobot to see what it is about. And we came to the conclusion that it is a scam that won’t make you any money.

Here is what happens: When you sign up for Cryptobot, you are given access to a trading software. But what kind of software? A software that trades binary options, but not on Bitcoin, on every other asset.

So Cryptobot is obviously just abusing the Bitcoin to push you into binary options trading that has nothing to do with this cryptocurrency. Look at our picture and you will see that no signal is about Bitcoin.

Trading softwareSo what is Cryptobot really about? It is obvious, the software won’t be active until you deposit money with a certain binary options broker – Total Trader, which by the way is not regulated.

The reason for this is that people who run Cryptobot are affiliated with this broker, they get paid for referring new depositors to this broker. This is the real purpose of Cryptobot, to make you deposit money with Total Trader, so that scammer earn their affiliate commission for referring you.

If you then let Cryptobot trade with your money, you will lose it.


Cryptobot is not about trading Bitcoin, they just want you to send money to an unregulated broker and lose it.

If you want to see what is trading Bitcoin with binary options really about, try a free demo with a regulated broker.

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  1. here is another scam CRYPTOROBOT365 Please let everyone online know about this I invested 250 on Friday and so far 30 pounds in the red

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