CySEC warns against Binatex, Primus Trades and Brisk Liquidity

The Cyprus financial regulator CySEC has published warnings about three unregulated brokers.

The first warning concerns Binatex that is showing the CySEC logo on its website and is also claiming that it is in the process of re-registration, but is not true. Binatex is not regulated.

The second warning is about Primus Trade that claims that is regulated by the CySEC under the licence nr. 216/13. But it is not true. Not only this licence belongs to B.O. TradeFinancials, but also it is no longer valid, since B.O. TradeFinancials voluntarily withdrew it.

And finally the last warning is about Brisk Liquidity that claims to be regulated by the CySEC under the licence nr. 318/17. But this again is not true, this licence belongs to another company.

For trading use regulated brokers only.